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Cobwebs & Magpies

Boy...there are lots of cobwebs around here! Someone hasn't been taking very good care of this place...

This is just a quick note to let you know I am fighting my way back - I have missed all of you and hate how much time has gone by. I'm really trying...and should be back soon. I will have an enormous announcement when I do return.

What's that? Oh, you want a clue to the announcement? I guess that's the least I can do. Here is the only clue I can give right now...

Any ideas?

I miss you guys!!


I'm Sorry - But Thank You

Yes,  I admit it - I'm a terrible hostess. I've not posted anything in way too long, and left all you wonderful people floundering around. Not that you flounder without the presence of the Queen - I'm not that disillusioned. I just mean it's so rude to go visiting someone and have them just disappear. I apologize for my poor manners.

Then again, if I were to always apologize for my poor manners, I doubt I would get anything else done.

I've been battling the back thing...and frankly, am quite sick of it. However, I do have some great news I want to share with you guys...but it will have to wait. This post will be quick, but I wanted to dedicate it to a special friend.

Are you familiar with FishHawk from As The Crackerhead Crumbles? He is a wonderful man, who continues to be my friend even though he certainly must question my sanity. Often. I truly believe you should be appreciative of those who make a difference in your life - and he has. He's been a very good friend and has listened to my whining and complaining.

How many men do you know who will do that?!

He is a true gem - and if you haven't had the pleasure of reading his blogs (the other is The Crackerhead Chronicles - fascinating stuff!), I encourage you to do so. He has a heart of gold and has given me hope. That is a big deal when one is stuck in the mud.

I'm a stick in the mud?

I also wanted to thank everyone who left comments on my last post. I have the sweetest friends and blogging buddies in the universe - and I know it. I was so touched by the kindness of your comments...I actually let the kid live. Ha ha

Thank you for loving me when I'm not real lovable - and for being the best friends in Blogland or anywhere else!



I don't feel good. Hive Girl is making a recovery - although she still has hives. My oldest teenager has worn me out. Last night was the latest round, and because I wouldn't allow him to go outside - at 9 pm, 20* outside - to meet with a kid who just got out of juvie (and is a well known drug user/dealer), he flipped out. He pulled a knife on himself - and every time I would say he could not go meet this nefarious punk, he would cut his wrist.

Before I get a bunch of comments and email about what a horrible parent I am, let me make this quick point: he's been diagnosed with ADHD and bipolar. We've been in therapy since he was 2 1/2 - he's almost 17. He's been hospitalized 7-9 times in the psych ward. I have to call the police on him when he becomes violent. I've been through this with him countless times - and the "cuts" he was making on his wrist were extremely superficial, most not even breaking the skin like a scratch would. As a former paramedic, I know what the laws a current mom, I know what needs. That is not said to be arrogant - this is just so cyclic with him, I know how the ordeal works. I also know what calms the situation down...and what escalates it.

I didn't mean to go off on that lil' tangent...but I really don't want a bunch of comments/emails saying he should be hospitalized, he has issues, etc. I'm already aware of these things - remember, I've done this dance for about 14 years. And I've done it all on my own - not like I had his father or a husband involved, or to lean on.

So...he's worn me out. I'm sure the stress is what's gotten me sick...but I feel something akin to something really rotten. (I'll spare you the mental image I was going to paint - I don't want anyone spitting Corn Flakes or Diet Coke on their screen. Or having nightmares.) I'm going back to bed.

Before I retire to the Royal Rubber Room (aka master bedroom) of Castle Crazy, I wanted to share something I feel is important. Most of my buddies who read my blog, write blogs themselves. While checking out Mama Asid's ENTREPOD blog today, I came across an informative post. "How bout a Lil Bad Behaviour, Honey" should be required reading for anyone running a website - whether you run/own a domain, write a blog on Blogger or Wordpress, or program websites in any form or fashion.

Mama Asid, aka Re, is a wonderful person - with talent coming out of every pore she has. She's a talented BadGals Radio Wonder Woman, podcaster, amazing blogger, wonderful website designer, and just all-around "more smarter than me" - especially in reference to running great websites that are clean, informative, tackle interesting issues, and frequently updated. Basically, she's the Super Woman I aspire to be. I have no idea where she gets all the hours in the day - or how she's learned all this stuff...but she has. Plus, she has a heart of gold...and she shares all this knowledge freely. Awesome!

Read the post I linked to. I'll admit I don't fully understand it - but I'm smart enough to know it's important. I've followed her advice - and in the spirit of wanting to help and protect my blogging buddies, I think it's worth your time and consideration, too.

That ends my Public Service Announcement for the day. Go about your business...I'm going back to bed. I apologize in advance for not sprinkling this post with pictures. You can find a beautiful picture of a flower on Re's post I pointed you to.

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