A Business Networking Idea

I love the blog Lenox Knits. Paige, the owner, is very insightful and talented. And I'm not just saying that because she sent me a gorgeous scarf and headband - both of which I absolutely adore.
Once I read Paige's revealing post about the things she's learned regarding her business sales, I had an idea. I'm sure you all smelled the smoke. Ha ha

Bad EC, BAD!

I'm sorry to those I usually drop on, but didn't get to yesterday. (It was one of those days...like many of my days...and when I tried to drop, all my cards kept saying "Thank You" - like I'd already dropped. sigh) I returned to my normal drop mode today - and was really upset to read
this post.

According to Laane, an EC user planted a bug on the computers of people who visited their site to drop. This totally sucks. I have no idea who did it - or what site it is - and I'm apparently the only one who doesn't know. Since I didn't do many drops yesterday, I was out of the EC loop. (Then again, I'm not ever really "in" the EC "loop". Do I need to apply for that? Or did someone already decide not to let me in?)

I've always thought of EC users as a kind of "family". It takes a lot of time and dedication to drop - especially if you're dropping a couple hundred cards every day - so why would someone be vindictive enough to hurt the other members? Laane's post says:

I feel hurt by someone who plays games with other people. Someone suggested it's adware and the firm tries to make people to buy a scanner for 30 dollars to remove the bug. Well, I don't hasve 30 dollars at the moment, so they won't succeed anyway. And I don't like blackmailbugs.
She goes on to say she's not going to use EC on the laptop she's having to use until her regular computer is fixed. I don't blame her - but I feel badly she has to deal with all this.

If an EC member is doing this, they need to be disciplined
Does anyone know how many others are involved? I know at least one of you has to have the skinny on this - and even though I tend to drop on the same people every day, and I trust those people - now I'm kind of afraid to drop. I haven't read anything else about this on any other blog...have you?

You Want In?

no pics
If you haven't visited Audrey's Country Crafts lately, you're missing out. She focuses on great giveaways and I doubt that craftista misses much. Any time I see an art-type giveaway, Audrey already has it covered on her blog. She's like the Harvey Levin of the art giveaway world.

Lately Miss Audrey has been yammering on about Christmas - a subject I'm not even remotely ready to discuss. As usual, she's on her game...posting a nice Christmas Postcard offer, and now an ornament swap.

I tried to resist using sheet royal power. That didn't work. I just didn't visit her page every day. That didn't work, either. I finally gave in and joined. I figured it would happen sooner or later.

The idea is extremely simple. You decide whether you want to swap one or two ornaments, where you want to ship (internationally or within your own country), and what you want to make - which, in my royal opinion, is the hardest part of the whole thing. There are so many fabulous ornament ideas, how can you decide which one to create?

Audrey is doing something else this Queen considers cool...when you sign up for the swap, Audreylicious is going to add your store/blog/site/whatever to the swap list - a little free advertising, if you will. Cool beans, huh?

How can you not want in? All you have to do is fill out a simple form...and as long as you know your name and address, can click a couple of radio buttons and then the "submit" button, you're all good.

Ornaments must be mailed by November 15 so everyone's new tree bling arrives for the holidays. So get on it...I know you want in!

Revisiting Third Grade

Well, hasn't today started out sucky???? Other than to tell you that this is what I woke up to this morning, I'll spare you the gory details.

This will teach me to stay in bed for an afternoon.

My mom still thinks of me as a five year old. I don't mean that she remembers me with pigtails, I mean she literally thinks I am still five.
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