Resolution Revolution 2009



a formal expression of opinion or intention made, usually after voting, by a formal organization, a legislature, a club, or other group.
a resolve or determination: to make a firm resolution to do something.
the act of resolving or determining upon an action or course of action, method, procedure, etc.
the mental state or quality of being resolved or resolute; firmness of purpose.
the act or process of resolving or separating into constituent or elementary parts.
(Subsequent numbers, which had nothing to do with this post, were deleted)

New Years is a time when everyone starts thinking about resolutions and the changes one needs to make in order to have a "better" life. "Better" can refer to more (as in, money, power, creativity, possessions, etc) or less (as in, weight, negative influences, toxic relationships, and for some people it also includes power, possessions, etc).

I have come up with the phrase "Resolution Revolution 2009" in order to refer to resolutions recurring throughout 2009. To me it seems silly to pick one universal date to make changes in your life - I think these things should be a constant, not tied into one specific date. For example, if you know you need to lose weight in order to better your health, why wait until January 1 to institute changes? This goes for all the changes people need to make, not just weight. I know it's usually easier to procrastinate - and that I (personally) am usually convinced that if I have ____ (done/taken care of/in my possession/read/etc) first, then I'll undoubtedly be more successful accomplishing ____ (insert goal here). Why is that?

Without going into a bunch of psychology, reasoning, or excuses, I'm here to post a challenge. I'm challenging you (and myself) to stop putting off change. One day a year - and whether you meet or don't meet one goal - does not make you a success or failure. Personal success is not dependent on one goal. Life is an evolution and depends on constant change.

What are your goals for 2009? Have you written them down? Do you have both long and short term goals? And have you thought about the consequences if you aren't successful in meeting each goal?

A lot of times resolutions are tough to keep - which is why we put them off. When trying to meet a long term goal, the scientific community suggests rewarding yourself for successfully completing steps (or time periods) toward your desired result - that people are much more successful in realizing goals if they receive rewards for different phases. Do you think you are more likely to complete a goal if you are rewarded for completing phases on your goal journey?

There are many different realms people can set goals for themselves - personal (taking better care of ones self, learning a language), health (smoking cessation, weight loss), work (get the promotion, stop procrastinating), creativity (spend more time in the studio, complete one piece of art/week)...and on and on. Since my blog is focused on art, I'm going to make some creative resolutions here. I'm doing this because another point the scientific community agrees on is that by making a resolution public, you are more likely to stick to it.

In 2009, I am going to...
* keep up with my blog. Whether it is posting new Woot Loot, fresh art, links to other amazing artists, reviews of books/products, or even just a good quote, I will make seven posts a week.
* create at least one piece of art I really like every week. Things like my "ugly piece" do not count until they are completed. I can work on any number of pieces during a given week - but I must actually complete at least one piece I really like.
* try at least one new technique a month and post the results. I have a whole binder of great things I want to try - and never get to them. This is the year I will wade through the list.
* submit pieces/projects/articles to publications. Whether they get published or not is something I have no control over - but I can get over the fear of just submitting!
* take my camera with me everywhere. I have a bad habit of leaving it at home - then wishing I had it with me. This may sound like it doesn't belong on this list - but it does. And here's why...I am constantly looking for pictures of texture, cropped pictures of different things to include in my art. I don't create pieces using pictures like this because I don't want to track down the person who took the original photo - and (whether this is true or not) it feels like my art isn't authentically me because I've used someone elses art in mine. I suppose this could easily be said about using other elements as well - using something Doodlebug or Around the Block puts out, for example. In my own wonky way of thinking, it doesn't feel the same. So I am going to take my digital camera with me everywhere.

I hope some of my resolutions will resonate with you - and that my public posting will encourage you to make a list of your own. I plan on referring to Resolution Revolution 2009 throughout the year - and I would love it if you would join me in this adventure. Why not start right now by leaving a comment with your resolution(s)?

To kick off Resolution Revolution 2009, I'm having another giveaway. The term "giveaway" seems so dull - so in my kingdom, giveaways will be known as Woot Loot. I had so much fun with the first one that I can't wait to kick off this latest Woot Loot! It is super easy to enter - but you must follow the instructions, lest you be disqualified...and we don't want that!!

Ways to get ONE ENTRY
~ Leave a comment.
~ Leave a SEPARATE comment with your resolution(s) for Resolution Revolution 2009 (one entry for each resolution)
~ Follow me on Twitter (and leave a separate comment with your Twitter name)

~ Blog about Resolution Revolution 2009 on your blog (come back and leave me a link to get your additional entries)

And what, dear subjects, are you entering to win? Well even though this one isn't a would still be very cool to win - it's a handmade WATCH! Done in beautiful sodalite.

Color: Mostly dark blue with some white calcite interspersed, can include small specks of pyrite. Is often confused with lapis lazuli. (Lapis has green included many times, which is how I usually tell them apart.)
Healing Properties: Offers inner peace. Harmonizes inner being (conscious mind) with the subconscious mind. Promotes peace and harmony. Athletes use sodalite to promote endurance; for writers it is supposed to be "extra lucky". It is associated with the thyroid, weight loss, good communication and will give the wearer the confidence to speak more (which the Queen obviously does not need!). Good to keep around your house so its peaceful properties can surround you.

The face of the watch is genuine Geneva, with a sterling silver heart shape. It has small numbers and quarter hour markings around the face. Black hands (including a second hand). Sodalite chips and small rounds work with sterling silver balls and short tubes (with antiqued "x" markings) to make up a double band. The watch is finished off with a heart spring clasp, and has 5 sterling silver puffed heart charms next to the clasp. Is easily dressed up or down. The band is for a larger wrist. Retail value is $30.
As always, my camera is awful - take that into consideration when viewing the watch. :)
The not-so-fine print - but important info - PLEASE READ:
This Woot Loot ends January 23, 2009 - the winner will be announced January 24, 2009. Please leave your email address in your comment(s) (if your comment doesn't link to your blog) so I can notify you if you win. Winner has 3 (THREE) days to respond to winning notification - if no response, I'll notify the runner up on the list. We'll just keep at it until someone responds and wants the prize. :) This time, the winner will be chosen by names pulled out of the crown by the Princess.

A Winner, A Thank You & A Clippie

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Finally glad to be rid of 2008, the Castle's "Crew" wishes you and yours much happiness, good health, loads of prosperity, and fresh creative ispiration in 2009. With the 2009 wishes out of the way, there is a lot going on at the Castle. The Queen hopes you will join her in congratulating (comment 3, chosen by, NELLY, the winner of the surprise Happy Holidays Giveaway. WOOT Nelly! I hope this starts your new year off on a great note and the rest of 2009 is wonderfully positive for you. I sent you an email and if you will please send me your snail mail address, I'll mail out your surprise on Monday (01.05.09). The Queen is looking forward to the 5th of January with great is the day schools get back in session. Another "WOOT!" for tired moms all over the US. And Nelly, if you wouldn't mind taking a picture of your "Woot Loot" and sending it to me, I'd be grateful. I would love to post the picture here, so everyone can see what you've won. (And so I can remember! lol)

The Queen would like to issue a royal apology to everyone for the giveaway draw being delayed a day - my glasses broke right on the nose piece. Oh no! These are the same pair that have been super-glued countless times, and lose a lens every other day. The Queen without her glasses is much like a painter without paint - so everything came to a screeching halt until a Band Aid could be secured to the nose bridge of the royal glasses. If you think the Queen's childebeasts made fun of her before...Um yeah. They are pointing and laughing now.

(It should be noted the Queen is not so much of a goofball that she's actually left the Castle with these oh-so-lovely face framers on...yet.)
"Woot Loot", the Queen's new term for giveaways held on this blog, was so much fun that I'm feeling the need to have another. I told you all about several giveaways I have planned - and I've decided to start the new one immediately. If you didn't win the surprise, no worries! Details of the next giveaway, Resolution Revolution, will be an ongoing challenge/giveaway. And I already have the prize picked out...the next post will contain full read on! I have the most incredible readers in the entire Internet Kingdom! Thank you for all your suggestions on my "ugly piece" - I have taken each one into serious consideration and settled on putting it aside for a few days before finishing it. I will post the results! Thank you so much for your help - you rock!

I would also like to send a plea out to my fabulous readers...please take the poll located in the sidebar to your right. YOUR answers can directly impact the prizes given away this year - so if you have an opinion, and I know you do, take five seconds and answer the question. January's question directly relates to Woot Loot - so make your voice heard!

With 2009 now upon us - and so many social sites thriving - I would like to offer a (not so) new way for artists to stay connected. My Twitter name is
QueenKatherine (OneCreativeQueen). Since I'm more comfortable with my art supplies than social networking sites (like Facebook, MySpace, or Twitter), I'm not very proficient in these new-to-me applications...yet. That said, I would like to invite you to join me on Twitter. I don't understand the need to post things every 2 minutes, nor is this Queen real sure why anyone would want to know what I'm having for breakfast, but it is a good way for like-minded people to stay in touch. I will post updates and new blog posts to Twitter - and am looking for others to connect with. If you're already a Twitterer, I would love for you to consider following me. If you don't have an account, you can sign up here. Let's stay connected and really get those muses working hard this year!
Speaking of muses and creations...before my glasses took a vacay, I made this quick Clippie. Yep, a giant clothespin. I have no idea what the popular term is - but I think they are really cute. I still have ribbon to add - but for the most part it's complete. Without going into a big ol' description or tutorial, this one is painted in browns, bronze, and gold. I added brown and black flourishes, clocks, birds, arrows, dots, and a few watch parts. A little felt, glitter, and a letter later, we're done!

Hmm What to Add?

I promised some new art work...and here it is. I originally planned on showing you the piece I'm really happy with - but it's a gift so I'm not going to post pictures until I know he's received it.

Ever have a piece turn out totally different than what you have in mind?? In this instance that question is not asked in a positive way.
I've been tearing out my hair trying to make this piece workable...but have stopped messing with it long enough to scan a picture for you. I worked on this piece, titled "Aspire Beyond", over the weekend. It started out as something I really liked - until I added the 8 large dots of Texture Magic in the center. For thos of you who don't know what Delta's Texture Magic is, it's similar to spackle. Although I don't use it much, I seem to reach for it (instead of my molding paste) on smaller projects. It dries faster than molding paste and doesn't crack. After adding it to this piece, though, I did realize a major drawback - it's a real pain to sand.
I had painted the large dots red, intending to go in a different direction at first. When I realized I biffed it by adding the Texture Magic before some other elements, I changed my mind - and trying to sand off the red paint was...obnoxious! I didn't want to disturb the turquoise paint on the canvas board - and about half way through my sanding I realized there was no possibility of obtaining a distressed look. Nope. The sand paper kept gouging the Texture Magic. (I haven't had this problem before - I'm guessing because 1) I wasn't sanding "dots" - and 2) I wasn't worried about disturbing anything around the Texture Magic.)

And things seemed to go downhill from if you couldn't tell!

What I like:
~ The Fantasy Film Stained Glass Paper flower petals. Fantasy Film Stained Glass Paper is a technique I learned from Linda over at After Midnight Stamps. (For a fantastic tutorial on this technique, click on the link. I will be doing a review of After Midnight Stamps very soon - so keep your eye out.)
~ The flourish stamps along the edges.
~ The turquoise color of the canvas board.
~ The small flowers I made to go on top of the aforementioned Texture Magic dots. A little hard to see but I punched flowers out of copper sheet and copper mesh, then added either a vintage rounded rhinestone or a vintage flower cabachon.
Clicking on the image will enlarge it

~ The pointing hand and bird embossed with Opals Embossing Enamels, and the metallic rub on medium I used to age the edges.
~ The title, Aspire Beyond.

So I guess that leaves the middle part - sans the little flowers I made to top the "dots". (I should note I added some Pearl Ex to the jarring white dots to try to calm them down a little.)

What I would really like to know is,

what would you do to fix this?

I'm refusing to accept it's hopeless. Please help me salvage this - I can't wait to hear your responses!

Ok...So Maybe I am

Becoming the "Giveaway Queen"...but I promise it's just this time of year. I can't help it. The idea of entering a super giveaway - and actually winning - just makes my heart flutter. Kind of like the prize Dewalt is offering in their super-duper giveaway.
Dewalt is offering an amazing track saw combo kit. Oh the things this glorious saw can do! I would not only love to win, but reviewing it would be an honor. Dewalt products are known for their durability - and oh, the projects I could embark on with this saw. I would absolutely love to make a new headboard for my bed, a dollhouse for Princess, a new habitat for our turtle. How fun it would be to have a "serious" tool to work with!

To enter this fantastic contest, click on the title of this post, on the picture of the track saw - or you can always click
here, too. If you are drooling over this saw (like I am), you can get more information by following the link.

The Queen always takes care of her loyal subjects - because you guys are the best!!

Life As Lou & Cosmo Cricket Giveaway

I just love visiting the blogs of other artists. Thanks to Nelly (check out her beautiful blog!), who posted a comment for the Happy Holidays Surprise Giveaway, I came across another giveaway to tell you about. No, I'm not becomming the "Giveaway Queen" - but who doesn't like to win something? And this, my wonderful subjects, is not a "normal" giveaway. Nope. I think Leah has absolutely lost her mind...she's giving away $150 worth of amazing Cosmo Cricket products - and doing a great tutorial! She's made it easy to enter - just leave a comment responding to her blog post. And I've made it easy for you to get there - either click on the title of this post...or on the picture below.
I'm working on some great art to post - and another giveaway. Stay tuned. Now shoo!

BTW...I love reading comments - so keep them coming! And if you haven't entered my Happy Holidays Surprise Giveaway, hurry! (You can click on the link to be magically transported to that post.) xo
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