Ok...So Maybe I am

Becoming the "Giveaway Queen"...but I promise it's just this time of year. I can't help it. The idea of entering a super giveaway - and actually winning - just makes my heart flutter. Kind of like the prize Dewalt is offering in their super-duper giveaway.
Dewalt is offering an amazing track saw combo kit. Oh the things this glorious saw can do! I would not only love to win, but reviewing it would be an honor. Dewalt products are known for their durability - and oh, the projects I could embark on with this saw. I would absolutely love to make a new headboard for my bed, a dollhouse for Princess, a new habitat for our turtle. How fun it would be to have a "serious" tool to work with!

To enter this fantastic contest, click on the title of this post, on the picture of the track saw - or you can always click
here, too. If you are drooling over this saw (like I am), you can get more information by following the link.

The Queen always takes care of her loyal subjects - because you guys are the best!!

2 Royal Responses:

Fred said...

Check your email!!!

Things to do in Calgary said...

Nice one!!!!....

Thanks for sharing.

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