Thermal Ribbons

In response to some emails I've received, I need to clarify the whole thermal ribbon thing. (Click on the NAME of this post for a link to the original post.)

I woke up to a comment regarding the ribbon technique - about thermal ribbon costing over $250. HUH?!?!?! I've never spent that much for anything (other than a car and major appliances) and never will. That's way too rich for me! As a single mom who is disabled, I use CHEAP supplies.

Thermal ribbons, if you buy them, run around $10 - at the mid-range price. (This is an average cost - many ribbons can be found for less - here is one example. You don't need the expensive resin rolls - I have found that the cheaper wax rolls work better.) Keep in mind that a $12 ribbon will last you forever - since I started playing with this technique, I've become obsessed. I iron this stuff on everything - and even Diva-in-Training has been playing with it. We haven't even used a quarter of the roll. And the roll we've been playing with was a FREE SAMPLE. Sample rolls are smaller than regular rolls. (Here is a site that offers very cheap sample ribbons.)

I'm guessing that the $250 price tag was for a case of these ribbons. In all the searching I've done (looking for colored ribbons), the most expensive ribbon I've come across was colored ribbon - and I think the highest price I found was $28.00...and I wouldn't pay that, either!

Running a Google search will bring up a ton of companies offering sample rolls. Like I said, sample rolls are smaller - but more than enough to last a very long time.

I've been using the Royal Ribbon Technique on the Funky Art Journal I'm making for a swap I'm in - and have really gotten some neat results. Since I got gold, light blue and white in the mail I have more colors to play with than just black. I'm not finished with the Journal yet - and won't post pictures until the recipient of the Journal receives it. Once she receives it I'll post pictures so you can see the incredible things created with the colored ribbon!

Now go find some thermal ribbons and get started - scans and pictures don't give you an accurate representation of the true results - you won't believe what you can come up with!
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