And We Have A Winner...

I'm getting over myself and the troubles bombarding the castle - and moving on to something way fun! I'm going to announce the winner of February Woot Loot... (I'll wait for the gasps, oohs and aahs to quiet down before announcing the winning comment - I want to be sure no one misses the announcement.)
The winner of the handmade polymer clay flowers and leaves - originals made by the Queen herself...

Ok stop. Don't you hate it when people refer to themselves in the third person? It always reminds me of that Seinfeld episode where one of Elaine's boyfriends, Jimmy, always refers to himself as "The Jimmy". Back to the regularly scheduled blathering...

The awesome person who wins the aforementioned polymer clay flowers and leaves - handmade by the Queen herself (lol) - is...COMMENT #23. YAY!!
sweetsue(Who am I?) said... 23

I am now following you! smchester (email left out of this post)

In comment 22 she mentioned she is making a bird feeder with her grandson and will use these to "pretty it up". WOOT! I have already sent the notification email - and I hope to hear back within 48 hours or I will have to choose another winner. I hope these are a great addition to your bird feeder - and I hope you enjoy them!
If you didn't win February's Woot Loot, no worries - tomorrow is March 1 and we all know what that means...the announcement of March's Woot Loot giveaway. Hmmm I wonder what it could possibly be??
Leave me a comment letting me know what you would like to see offered as a Woot Loot prize and maybe you'll get something special. Or maybe you'll get my son's dirty socks. You never know. Only comments made by March 7th will count for the extra little giveaway. If you're reading this after March 7th, sorry - you don't qualify to receive the little something extra. But don't let that stop you from leaving a never know - I could wind up offering what you suggest! WOOT!

And Life Goes...

Hello, my name is Murphy. I specialize in in MURPHY'S LAW. Yep, that pretty much dictates my life. No matter how hard I try to plan things - or how well I think I have things organized - the universe plays a hil-LAIR-ious practical joke on me. Proof? Oh, you want PROOF, do ya? Altho I think the childebeasts should be proof enough, I'll give you a very short summation regarding where I've been. Still confused? Oh boy. You see, most people - in a civilized society - have electricity. All the time. Without interruption. Then there's me.

Apparently I missed the bus to civilized society. Altho I live in a bustling metropolis, my electricity has not been...bustling. Not even sputtering. No choking. Not even a final gasp. Just no electricity.

We've lived with no water during most weekdays for the last few months while the city is redoing the main water lines to the royal complex. When they finally reconnected our water "for real" (like the last time it wasn't real??), the sediment - mud, pebbles, GRASS - blew out our new water meter. The water guy came in and replaced it. Then he had to unscrew the faucets to remove the screens, because the water couldn't pass with all the sediment clogging the faucets. Ok fine. So we have water. On a pretty consistent basis even. I was excited to have life pretty much back to normal...sans the worker guys all over the place still.

I was online, trying to write a post about the winner for the February Woot Loot, when...(excuse me but...) WTF?? What happened to the lights? The computer? The TV? The HEAT?

To make a
very long story short, many trips to the electric company, a lot of frustration, one freezing house, and tons of waiting later, and we once again have power. YAY! Never mind that Ithink service to a castle - even if it's only a castle in my own reality - should be much better. Nope. Much like the 'beasts, no one asked me. BUT...we did muddle through, and I have several posts awaiting. Isn't that exciting? HEY NOW...I can hear the groans. This will be fun, do you hear me??

It's great to be back...I've missed you guys!
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