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Oh no! Everything has gone bonkers with my blog - and it's a mystery to me. Thankfully, my blog buddy is helping me fix everything...so look out for things to be much better (and different!) soon. I'm sorry to everyone this has negatively affected - it's been a wild ride on this end, too! It would be cool to shoot Re some thanks - so why not stop by her blogs? As if you need a reason, you can also drop your EC there, too.
Mama ASID's EntrePOD
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And onto some fantastic news...UPrinting.com, a professional printing company, is sponsoring a splendiferous giveaway. Wanna know what makes this giveaway so special? It's for custom greeting cards - yes, professionally printed custom greeting cards. Woot!

Their printing service is rockin' - so much so that you just have to stop by and check it out. They really do a nice job...especially on greeting card printing.. You've got to check it out for yourself.

Aren't they great? Now...check out their custom greeting cards. They are simply amazing! I have so many great pictures and pieces of art I would love to have professionally printed by UPrinting.com. Their printing services make the difference between "oh - that's nice" and "WOW!".

So what do you have to do to win some of these awesome custom greeting cards? Well, UPrinting.com is incredibly generous - they are offering 250 5x7" CUSTOM GREETING CARDS. Unbelievable! The value of these babies is $96 - without shipping, which they are also kind enough to cover.

What are you waiting for? Oh yeah - you need to know how to enter. Simple...

* Leave me a comment telling me how you would use 250 5x7" custom printed greeting cards. Would they be your Christmas cards? Have a special picture you'd like to use for general correspondence? Flap your gums - I want to know how you'd put them to use! PLEASE leave your email address if it isn't prominently displayed on your blog or if you don't have a blog. (Mandatory for entry)
* Tweet about this giveaway - and leave me a separate comment with a link to your Tweet. Make sure you mention The Queen Speaks and UPrinting.com - and include a link to this post for your Tweet to count. This can be done once per day - just leave a comment with the link to each Tweet.
* For 3 extra entries, blog about this giveaway - and leave me 3 separate comments (one containing the link to your post). I'm sure your readers could use some delicious cards to send...so let them know! Write a post about this giveaway and link back to this post - and to UPrinting.com. I've included all 3 links to make this SUPER easy for you...

The Queen Speaks - A Great Giveaway!
UPrinting.com Greeting Cards
UPrinting.com Custom Greeting Cards

Hurry and get your entries in - this contest closes on October 14, 2009. The winner will be chosen by random.org - and I will announce their name on October 15, 2009 - as well as send the winner an email. The lucky person will have TWO days to get back in touch with me to collect their prize - or I'll move on to the second name on the list. The prize will be given in the form of a coupon, direct from UPrinting.com. Yay!

Thanks, UPrinting.com!

Wake Up Entrecard!

Entrecard needs to wake up.
Today's post is in praise of RE_Ausetkmt's phenomenal post, Isn't it time We Started Dropping Smart instead of being Baited Harder, on Mama ASID's Entrepod blog.

I'm not going to gunk up this post with a bunch of jargon - all I'm going to say is that if you participate in Entrecard, RUN - do not walk - over to ENTREPOD. It delves much deeper into my original post regarding ECs virus problem, which originally came from Laane.

If those who run EC don't wake up soon, they are going to lose a lot of really good bloggers...and what will be left? The clickfarmers. Is that what EC is all about?

The next few weeks will tell everyone whether the new management team wants to really make EC great...or if a clickfarm (and money) is what they're all about. Hello, wanting more free space on blogs with the new referral widget.

If you're tired of getting viruses from those you drop on, tired of droppers just driving up your bounce rate, tired of the problems with EC being down and widgets acting up...and really want some positive change with EC, please point others to the Entrepod post. Just like everyone did with the paid ads debacle, we can get EC turned around.

If we make enough noise.

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