Tick-Tock, Change Yo' Clock!

(Don't you think a coo-coo clock is most appropriate for this site??)

beep beep beep beep beep


For those who live State side - and aren't in Arizona...

Don't forget to move your clocks FORWARD an hour...or you may just find yourself in a pickle.
Trust me. I've been in a pickle a time or two.
So get with the times - and change your clock already!
And if you get confused on which way to move your hands, here is a little phrase to help you remember:
Make sense? I hope so...because it's time for me to go.
Yep, thats the end of the bad puns for the day.

A New Obsession & An Abstract

I have fallen victim to a new obsession. This is SO fun. SO cheap. SO easy. Did I mention it's fun??

I wish I had known about this idea before I did my project for the Technique Book Swap - this would have been absolutely perfect - not to mention way easier and much less expensive! Even tho I've been playing around with it, I'm not quite ready to show anyone yet. I can't wait to introduce it to you...so I'm going to give you a quick preview - and invite you to play a game at the same time. (Can you tell it's like the 493rd Saturday night I've spent at home, "alone" with the kids??)

Leave a comment with your guess. Guess what it's made of and/or what I used to get this far. (What "tool(s)" I could have used.) The winner only wins some link love - the first person to correctly guess what it is will get a link to their site predominantly displayed at the top of the post announcing the winner. How's that? Ah, come on - this is your chance! Mask a little shameless self-promotion under the guise of playing a game!

I'll leave you in unknowing agony until Tuesday morning, March 10th. (I picked that date only because I don't think I can keep my mouth shut any longer than that.) Since this isn't an actual contest or giveaway, there aren't any strict rules. If I haven't yet posted the winner, that means you still have time to guess. Good luck...

Now, what could this possibly be?

HINT #1: It's a new-to-me art technique - never before mentioned on my blog.
HINT #2: It is sitting on a black moleskin book - so the black you see isn't part of the technique. :)
I also wanted to quickly share a little watercolor abstract I did while the Princess worked on some art.

It's incredibly hard to see, but all the brush strokes are spiral swirls. It's painted on cardstock. To emphasize each colored swirl, I used this kids iradescent glitter "paint stuff" (technical term) and used a spiral motion stroke with the brush. It's much easier to see the sprial swirls in person...the Princess liked it so much that she put it in a frame. lol (The one and only time she was easily impressed.) The low lights, combined with the frame glass, may be obstructing the view a bit.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend & do something

** EDIT ** I had originally posted this little "contest" would end this morning. (Maybe "game" is a better term?) Since sweet Tina, from Yes, That's My Child Screaming is the only one who answered so far, I'm wrapping my head in duct tape (in an attempt to keep my mouth shut), and extending the date. WOOT! You now have until FRIDAY THE 13TH (Muwahahahaha) to guess. Still no big prize, sorry - but you'll get the link love - and good karma! :)

Princess Evil Knievel

I'm big enough to admit that the only reason I'm the Queen is due to the fact my daughter is the Princess. Of absolutely everything. (I've discussed this before.) Queen was never a part of my vocabulary until she was born...but right after she made her entrance into the world, it became evident to anyone who met her that she is, indeed, THE Princess.

It has been a record breaking week, temperature-wise, in Denver this week. It's unheard of that Denver reaches the mid-70s in February/March. In fact, yesterday's record went all the way back to 1901 - apparently, the first year they began keeping statistics on such "important" matters. (I think that's what the news said anyway.) Yesterday was 76*, today the mercury on the thermometer reached a similar point.

Since it's been so nice, the childebeasts have been taking advantage of playing outside, much to my delight.
They spent a little while at the park yesterday - and some how, they found two Razar scooters in the dumpster. (I'm not asking.) The brought the scooters home and begged to keep them. I've never been a fan of scooters - citing their dangerousness - and haven't allowed the 'beasts to own one. I told them they couldn't keep them, but could ride them back to the park today in order to return them to the dumpster.

They hadn't been gone very long, when our newly-adopted-neighbor-boy came bursting through the front door. (I say newly adopted because he's practically lived here since the boys met.)
Neighbor-boy-moved-in wearing white, my oldest childebeast in black
I should quickly backtrack and let you know that right after finding the scooters yesterday, the oldest 'beast fell off and really hurt his arm. How do I know he really hurt it? He's complained about it constantly since then.

Apparently, the Princess was riding the scooter at the park, when she fell off. And did a face plant. Ouch! The only thing to get her to quit crying was the promise of putting her "Evil Knievel" pictures on my blog for all to see.
Look at the poor baby Princess. I wonder how long this will be painful. Oh - I mean for me...she'll be fine in a few days. Until then, she has positioned herself upstairs in bed - and promptly calls out her demands every 4-5 minutes. Heaven help me if I'm not right on top of it!

Ramblings of Queen Crazy

Get it? Think about it for a minute...the answer is at the bottom of this post.

I had a topic for today's post - but can I remember what I was? Nooo. A true testament to my mental state! Since I'm unable to recall what it was (DER!), I'm going to post some random things that don't have a whole lot to do with each other. Try to keep up. (Lord knows it will take some effort!)

This is a ceiling tile made of relatively thin plastic. You can see the deails of it - and it is deeply textured. I bought it several months ago - and I really like the design. I don't like how flimsy it is - or how easily it tears. I want to use it in my art. But what should I make with it? Do you have any ideas/suggestions? I would love to hear them! So, I get my digital camera back (after not knowing the 'beasts got into it first) - and this is what I find. I think both of these make it easy to see why I had the beasts convinced they are my second set of children. Yep, they were convinced I had a couple of kids before them. Those kids didn't behave - so I sold them to the gypsies. That is why these three are the only ones around - my kids who are now with gypsies, don't ever call or anything because they are too busy being gypsies.
The Princess just figured out - last week - that I was kidding. Unbeknownst to me, she actually believed my story this whole time.

Note to self: Nine year olds don't really understand that winking at them means you are kidding.

Living in Colorado, USA, has some perks - especially when you live in the foothills of the great Rocky Mountains.
And the last pictures are of a sunset in Colorado. I always think the sun setting over the mountains is amazing - and this night was particularly gorgeous. Have a BEEutiful day! xo

Did you figure out the picture at the top? "EYE BEE CRAZY" bahaha

March Woot Loot

Better late than never, right?

It's time to announce the Queen's ultra fabulous Woot Loot giveaway for March...and I'm so excited!

Every Woot Loot giveaway is something handmade by me, the Queen. (Noticed how I've shortened "Queen of My Own Reality" to just "Queen"? It was so easy! haha) The first two Woot Loot giveaways were for watches, and last month's prize was handmade polymer clay leaves and flowers to be used as embellishments for...whatever my creative readers come up with. (Last I heard, Susan - the winner - is going to use them to decorate a bird feeder she is making with her grandson.) Altho this month isn't totally different, it's something I haven't offered before.
As always, click on the picture to enlarge it.
This is a faux turquoise bracelet with silver butterfly and flower accents. It's made with memory wire so it fits any wrist size. The faux turquoise is actually dyed howlite - and is simply gorgeous! There are also light turquoise-colored donuts, dark turquoise-colored square rondells, dark turquoise-colored translucent rondells, and silver-lined, dark turquoise-colored large seed beads. Just like everything from my studio, this is a one-of-a-kind creation that will never be made again. Winning this bracelet means you will be the only person with this design...YAY!


~ For one entry, leave a comment. If you don't have a blog - or your email address isn't listed on your blog - please leave your email address in your comment. If I can't reach you, you can't win. Since I am giving away one of my handmade creations - with nothing expected in return, nor do I get paid for this - PLEASE do me the courtesy of making it easy to reach you. It's frustrating to spend twenty minutes looking for an email address...don't make me sick the childebeasts on you!
(This must be done to enter Woot Loot!)

~ For one entry, subscribe to my feed. You can do that by clicking on the green and blue button in the side bar, right under the "EMAIL THE QUEEN" link and right above the "Technorati" button. YOU MUST FULLY SUBSCRIBE TO BE ELIGIBLE. After subscribing, come back and leave a separate comment telling me you are a subscriber. (If you're already a subscriber, leave a comment stating just that.)

~ For one entry, Stumble this post. Just click on the thunbs-up-in-the-circle icon at the bottom of this post. Leave a comment so I know you did.

~ For two entries: Place my lovely button on your blog. You know the drill - leave a comment (with the URL) stating you completed this option.

~ For two entries: Blog about March's Woot Loot. You can use this link to make it easier, if you would like: http://bit.ly/03Wootie (I even made it a custom shortie link for ya!). I'll bet you can't guess what you need to come back here and do after you complete this option!

There are a possible 7 entries this month. Not bad! Woot Loot ends March 31, 2009 at 11:59 pm Mountain Time (that would be 2 hours earlier than Eastern - and 1 hour later than Pacific). Winner announced on April 01, 2009.

February Top Entrecard Droppers

Speaking of Entrecard, I would like to thank the people who consistently dropped by my blog - especially those who dropped by every day, or almost every day. If you have a minute, show them some link love and visit their sites - there some really cool sites on this list!
Awesome Sites

More Than Sew So
Work At Home
Autumnal Confessions & SexyAdvice
John Wright Art
Sexy Old Broad
Lap Band Progress
Betty Mae Artistry
Australian Women Online
Superficial Gallery
WOOT!! Thank you SO much!!

Entrecard & A Comedy

As you probably haven't noticed, I belong to a program called Entrecard. The premise is simple - every member has a card. When you visit a website with a an Entrecard widget installed, you "drop" on that site, letting the owner know you were there. You also install a small widget on your blog or site, and when visitors from Entrecard visit your site/blog, they drop on you as well. It's great to know who has visited your place - and fun to let others know you've been to theirs as well. In the program you earn points, which can be redeemed for advertising (your picture is placed on another websites widget) - and for each card you drop, you earn one point.

I've found several new fun blogs and sites through Entrecard (or ec). One of which is "The Commercials I Hate!". The writer of this blog has a wicked sense of humor, and I look forward to visiting that site every day because I never know what I'll find.

I meant to post this yesterday, when I first saw it - but some how I forgot. While visiting their blog again today, I was reminded - and decided I couldn't deprive you of this craziness. I think the caption written by The Commercials I Hate! is perfect...

The post is titled: Loss of Words

Come again??
What can you say to something like that? Well, other than asking where he got the picture of my ex-husband. ;)

I'm sorry - I just thought it was too funny not to share. The boots. The hair. The look on the dude's face - like this is a normal thing for him. And what is he holding in that buff - and hairless - left arm of his?

And people wonder why the Queen doesn't date.

If you already belong to ec, I'm glad to see you - and don't forget to drop your card. If not, why not check out the program? Great way to beef up your traffic. Much unlike the man above is a beef cake. You can check it out here. xo

Tyvek Experiments

I was busy playing with some Tyvek and thought I would show you what I came up with.

After painting, before using the heat gun:
After using the heat gun:
Interesting stuff to play with! I've got lots more I want to do with it - when I have some time, I'm going to pull it out to play again.

120 Pieces of Art

*NOTE: This post was started February 19 and completed today, March 02*

"Where has the Queen been?" You probably haven't been asking yourself lately. If you have been, thank you - and I'll put you down for the Tupperware in my will.

I have spent the last week in some parallel universe, where only 4"x4" pieces of art and childebeasts suffering from the stomach flu matter. The good news? I think I may finally be finished with the less-than-royal jobs a mom is blessed with when her offspring has a gastrointestinal bug. And my little works of love went Postal today. Huzzah!

I am dying to show you what I created for the swap. Before I do, I'll give you a quick run-down of the swap rules. It's being hosted by the Art Techniques group (fabulous group!), and this crazy lady named Margie is acting as hostess. She is well aware that I think she's totally nuts - you would have to be to organize 120 swap participants! (Margie, if you see this - you're certifiable, totally - but I love ya!)

120 participants means I had to make 120 4"x4" pieces of art. BUT...the swap focuses on a technique using recycled materials - so the pieces didn't have to be finished. Instead, the pages just need to demonstrate a technique.

I chose a technique originally created by Jeni Calkins, who runs Studio Jeni, OPALS/Fantasy Film Stained Glass Paper. Left over/scraps of Fantasy Film are pieced together, sprinkled by Franklin Opals, then heated with an iron. It makes this beautiful, translucent paper you can use for all sorts of things. You can see a fabulous tutorial by Linda Hanson, owner of After Midnight Stamps, on You Tube.

Here is an sample of my pages, for your viewing pleasure.
The top two are the OPALS/Fantasy Film Stained Glass Paper, the bottom is the back of one of the swap pages.

The swap was a lot of fun - but I have to admit...after making 120 pages of this stuff, I'm not in any hurry to make more!

Cloth Paper Scissors Goodness

There have been some good things happening in my favorite magazine lately. Cloth Paper Scissors is the mag for mixed media artists - all sorts of cool articles, techniques, and ads fill the glossy pages. It is a bi-monthly publication and I admit, I can't get enough. I look forward to receiving my subscription - and when the wondrous magazine arrives, safely packaged in its plastic bag, I set it aside to read after the beasts have gone to bed.

I sink into Cloth Paper Scissors, devouring every word, every picture. I carefully turn the heavy pages, eager as a child opening birthday presents to see what the next page holds. I connect with many of the artists - and I absorb their techniques and work with the wonder of seeing snow for the first time. I love everything about Cloth Paper Scissors. (I just wish it was published more often - but doesn't every addict crave more?)

I have been meaning to post a "congratulations" of sorts to a dear woman I've written about before, Sharon Tomlinson. Sharon is an amazing artist. I would even go so far as to call her p-h-e-n-o-m-e-n-a-l. She has a blog where you can check out her work, All Norah'S Art. It is SO worth a visit - you will not be disappointed, I promise! She just posted about the most fabulous group of creations - they are simply delectable.

Ok. I'll stop gushing - as long as you promise to check out her site. If you don't, I know people. lol
I meant to congratulate her for being published in Cloth Paper Scissors (Jan/Feb '09) - and you just have to check out two of her pieces that were featured in her article. They are simply...yummy! Remember, she does a lot of work with napkins.
Isn't that beautiful? And here is the second piece...
Sharon is so talented she makes me feel totally inadequate. I love and adore everything she does - and my goal is to own (at least) one of her dreamy pieces. She has recently been published in Somerset Apprentice, a new publication. I'm sure that one will be heavenly as well - I know the work Sharon had published is just awesome! Onto something funny...every month, CPS ask readers a question. I never answer them, frankly because I just don't remember. Well, I remembered a few months ago - and sent in my answer. The question asked how you substituted when you didn't have exactly what you needed. So I'm paging through this issue of CPS: and I came to the page where the answers are listed. I was SHOCKED to find this: I blocked out my last name to avoid the hoards of admirers showing up on my door, en force. The complex I live in just can't handle a traffic jam - especially since everything is still torn up from the water district replacing all the pipes. Even though my goal for the year is to be published, I must admit it's odd to see your name in print. Especially in a magazine you treasure as much as I adore CPS. It made me smile - and reading my goofiness in print confirmed that, indeed,

PS - Did you check out how cute those paint tube dolls are on the cover of CPS? I love 'em!

Don't Break the Camera!

After catching up with some blogs I love to read, it dawned on me that a lot of people have "real" pictures of themselves on their blogs. Altho the picture on my blog resembles me almost as much as an actual photo (especially the hair), I don't have any "real" pictures of me on here.

In an effort to provide some laughs on this Sunday morning, I am hereby posting my photo:
Hahahaha Ok. So this is how I look while dealing with the childebeasts. Now that you've seen the "art me" and the "mom me", I'll show you what I really look like.
Can't you almost see the thought bubble about to pop up? (Acutally, my oldest had asked me a question right before he took the picture. Brat.)

There ya have it. The picture that will grace the backs of Hallmark cards everywhere this summer. Oh - did I mention they sent me the bio they'll print along side this amazingly wonderful picture?

Katherine is an artist and blogger who has four cats, two hermit crabs, and a box turtle...but her three children are her biggest inspirations. She says she's "highly skilled in the art of taming wild childebeasts," and, based on her entry, we believe her.

Pretty cool, eh? (What Hallmark wrote, not my picture! Geez!)

It's Official...The Letter Says So

We got the "official" letter from Hallmark (and the check!) from the contest. Check it out:
If you don't have a clue what I'm talking about, click on the title above to see the original post. Or, if you're super lazy, you can click here.
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