Princess Evil Knievel

I'm big enough to admit that the only reason I'm the Queen is due to the fact my daughter is the Princess. Of absolutely everything. (I've discussed this before.) Queen was never a part of my vocabulary until she was born...but right after she made her entrance into the world, it became evident to anyone who met her that she is, indeed, THE Princess.

It has been a record breaking week, temperature-wise, in Denver this week. It's unheard of that Denver reaches the mid-70s in February/March. In fact, yesterday's record went all the way back to 1901 - apparently, the first year they began keeping statistics on such "important" matters. (I think that's what the news said anyway.) Yesterday was 76*, today the mercury on the thermometer reached a similar point.

Since it's been so nice, the childebeasts have been taking advantage of playing outside, much to my delight.
They spent a little while at the park yesterday - and some how, they found two Razar scooters in the dumpster. (I'm not asking.) The brought the scooters home and begged to keep them. I've never been a fan of scooters - citing their dangerousness - and haven't allowed the 'beasts to own one. I told them they couldn't keep them, but could ride them back to the park today in order to return them to the dumpster.

They hadn't been gone very long, when our newly-adopted-neighbor-boy came bursting through the front door. (I say newly adopted because he's practically lived here since the boys met.)
Neighbor-boy-moved-in wearing white, my oldest childebeast in black
I should quickly backtrack and let you know that right after finding the scooters yesterday, the oldest 'beast fell off and really hurt his arm. How do I know he really hurt it? He's complained about it constantly since then.

Apparently, the Princess was riding the scooter at the park, when she fell off. And did a face plant. Ouch! The only thing to get her to quit crying was the promise of putting her "Evil Knievel" pictures on my blog for all to see.
Look at the poor baby Princess. I wonder how long this will be painful. Oh - I mean for me...she'll be fine in a few days. Until then, she has positioned herself upstairs in bed - and promptly calls out her demands every 4-5 minutes. Heaven help me if I'm not right on top of it!

3 Royal Responses:

sweetsue said...

Ouch, that looks painful. I hope your Princess feels better soon!

Anonymous said...

Ohhhh....send my love to The Princess! She looks so sore. All the more reason for The Queen to baby her :] (enjoy it...she'll be a teenage Princess soon enough, and let me tell's not fun sometimes!

Doug Kueffler said...

Evel Knievel. He spelled his name Evel.

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