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This page contains links to businesses and products the Queen highly recommends, as well as reviews she has done. It’s like a commercial for the Queen’s favorite places. The only way to be included on this page is for the Queen to love an item, product, place, or store enough to gain her Seal of Approval.

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Policies Regarding Reviews & PR
a The palace enjoys doing product and service reviews!
a Reviews are done on a first come/first serve basis.
a To discuss a review/giveaway of your product or service, please contact me.
a The palace is also interested in promoting your product or service.
a These promotions focus on goods and services beneficial to parents, older kids/teens, and artists. Using a variety of resources, I am ready and able to get the word out about your fantastic product or helpful service. If you are ready to get product information, actual products, or details about your service, in front of an enormous audience of parents and/or artists, contact me. I will use my vast network of resources to help you publicize in front of the right audience.

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