Fort Thompson: Wilibleu Giveaway!

I've never had this happen to me before when I've gone to add a link to a site - but oookkk. :) I guess it's a reason for me to post this fantastic giveaway again. I wouldn't do this for just any post...and now, with all the links to Fort Thompson, you have tons of ways to get over there!

Fort Thompson: Wilibleu Giveaway!

I'll Be Your Best Friend!

I have, for you my very awesome, sweet, kind, fabulous, stylicious, creative, over-the-top, unique, inquisitive, nice, friendly, just-all-around-wonderful readers...sorry, got side tracked. I have, for my lovely readers, two giveaway announcements - and a little assignment to go with them.

Before we get to those, however, I am officially reminding you to enter Woot Loot if you haven't yet. Why turn down the chance to win a beautiful handmade bracelet?

And now onto the regularly scheduled programming...

I have to admit that I love it when people have "special dates" (birthdays, blog-a-versaries, etc) - and
they give you presents! Isn't that the best?? That is just what Adrienne is doing to celebrate her blog-a-versary. Look what you can win - and if you click on the picture, you'll be magically transported to her post. Go over and check out the giveaway - it's easy to win, just leave a comment. And if you enter, please leave my name in your comment. If I win because of your comment, I'll split the loot with you. How cool is that? Hurry - this ends March 14th at midnight!

And the second giveaway...
Is this not perfect for the Queen?
Fort Thompson is a cool blog I try to visit often. I was shocked when I visited yesterday and found their latest contest - the absolutely adorable mini tiara pictured above.

Fort Thompson is hosting a giveaway for that little gem - and I want it soo much. The mini tiara is from the very generous Tania Wood at Wilibleu. I fell in love as soon as I saw it!

Now, I am willing to do just about anything to win this adorable tiara...including begging you guys to please enter the contest and mention my name. I will beg, plead, and offer to be your best friend. Imagine...soon, you could be telling your friends that you're friends with royalty! We just won't mention I'm only royal in my own sick reality...

Please head over there and meet Tania. Then enter the contest for the mini tiara here. And please don't forget to mention my name in your comment. Hurry on this one, too - it ends March 14th at midnight.

I will send you baskets and baskets of love, kindness and friendship! xo


I have updated the post "A New Obsession & An Abstract" - and extended the "contest". Go check it out - and give me your best shot!

And a special thanks to Tina for making the first guess. Checked out her blog "Yes, That's My Child Screaming" recently? If not, you should - there is some good reading!

And go enter Woot're running out of time!

Blog Makeover Contest & A Signature Won

Happy Monday! It's been a long weekend around the palace - not only does the Princess have some beautiful road rash, but now she's sick. I'm going to change her name from Princess of Everything to Princess of Sick A Lot. This is ridiculous.

I have been really focused on blog designs lately. Maybe it was the same boring bright pink layout I had since the inception of my blog a couple of years ago. Or the fact that I cannot get it together enough to program a new design. I don't know. I just know I hate my blog design - and I've spent hours looking for a new design. Even though I used an ultra simple design from The Cutest Blogs on the Block, it isn't what I want. During my research, I found Custom Blog Designs.

I am absolutely thrilled - and very thankful - to be Diana's Visitor of the Week on her blog, Custom Blog Designs. WOOT! I had asked her about creative a signature for me - and a signature is my prize. How cool is that?!

I just love Diana and the work she does - she is totally worth checking out if you are looking for a blog make over. She is fast, easy to talk to/work with, and tries hard to make her clients happy.
She made my button in just a couple of hours - and her prices are seriously low. Check her out before she realizes she doesn't charge enough!

I'm wondering what is up with the fun little contest I announced a couple of days ago. No one has an idea? No one is going to be bold enough to enter? That isn't like you guys! Show me who has the biggest cajones and be the first to enter. I'll even give you guys a another portion of the picture to help you out. Yep, it's a hard one - but it's only Monday. Brain fry hasn't had time to set in yet! So here is picture 2:
Any guesses?

One final note: Punky Monkey is having a contest for a full blog makeover. The makeover will be done by Sara of Subjective Beauty. Sara did the Punky Monkey makeover - and the blog layout is now way too cute! It's amazing what all is being offered in this makeover - so anyone wanting to win, go over and enter. NOW. I've looked though some of Sara's designs and have one thing to say - she's GOOD. A blog makeover by Sara would be a great win!

And don't forget to enter March's Woot Loot.
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