I have updated the post "A New Obsession & An Abstract" - and extended the "contest". Go check it out - and give me your best shot!

And a special thanks to Tina for making the first guess. Checked out her blog "Yes, That's My Child Screaming" recently? If not, you should - there is some good reading!

And go enter Woot Loot...you're running out of time!

4 Royal Responses:

clairelouise said...

Hi poped over to check out your blog again it is fab:)
If you don't remember me im claire louise the writer of A boy with Aspergers. You reviewed my site. Thank you it was a really nice heart felt review. I love blogging and trying to raise awareness for autism. Hope you dont mind I started 2 blogger blog and one of them is everything from Art to shopping. I added your button ( it looks fantasic ) There are a few of my drawing on there if your interesting in taking a look you will find them at http://girlsjustwantfun.blogspot.com It's really new so only written 3 or 4 post by some of my art is displayed on my latest post and I added your button to the sidebar.
Thanks again for the wonderful review.

Sandy said...

Thank you for such a nice comment. I felt the hug, and it was appreciated.

Getting in some drops before work, then will head to the hospital. Hope to have time to come back and read more on your page. Looks interested. Rated you 5 on catalog, and clicked woot, though I'm not up to speed on what a woot is when I clicked.

And I need to scroll down and read to see what your contest is all about.

Just getting back to work, sorta on auto pilot while physically there, my thoughts are with Mom. Though things seem to be getting a little better.


One Creative Queen said...

Aww Claire Louise - of course I remember you! I meant everything I said about your site - it is wonderful. If you can't raise awareness about Aspergers with your site, I don't know who can. You're gifted with words! I will pop by and check out your new blog - it sounds fun!

Let me know if there is anything I can do.


One Creative Queen said...

Sandy, With everything you're going through I can't believe you're doing drops and leaving comments. What are you, Super Woman?? You are making the rest of us look bad!

I know things are rough right now - but I also know that faith takes you far. I'm continuing to keep you and your mom in my thoughts and prayers - in fact, strange as it sounds, I was staring blankly out the kitchen window earlier today, drinking a Coke, when your mom just popped into my mind. I said a prayer for her right then.

Please hang in there and let me know if there is anything I can do. You're amazing.


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