Fort Thompson: Wilibleu Giveaway!

I've never had this happen to me before when I've gone to add a link to a site - but oookkk. :) I guess it's a reason for me to post this fantastic giveaway again. I wouldn't do this for just any post...and now, with all the links to Fort Thompson, you have tons of ways to get over there!

Fort Thompson: Wilibleu Giveaway!

9 Royal Responses:

twinklescrapbooks said...

I hope you win! I told them I saw the giveaway on your blog so maybe that will give you another entry. The crown is too cute! :)

Tania said...

Thanks so much for posting! I hope you win!

You are too kind:)


Anonymous said...

you totally need to win that crown!!!!

Christine said...

You blog cracks me up. Crafts and humor. Love it and gave you a Stumble.


One Creative Queen said...

That's it. I have the BEST people in the whole world reading my blog. I'm all...smushy from the luv! lol

Thank you for being so awesome you guys - all 4 of you.

Twinks, I really appreciate you throwing my name in again. You are one of a kind. :)

Tania - If I don't win, I'm going after the person who does. I've decided that is MY crown - and will consider it stealing if someone else ends up with it - and I intend to sick the royal hounds on them! lol

Alterity - I know - isn't it perfect?? In all honest, I probably don't "need" another crown...but this one is so adorable, it strikes out all the ones I already own. Some time I'll put all my crown things together and take a picture. It should be illegal to own that many crowns!

Christine - THANK YOU for the Stumble!! :::bowing::: Thank you so much - I think you are the first to Stumble me...ever! I hope you didn't get hurt when you Stumbled- if you did, I'll send the Bactine and Band Aids over. :)

Hugs & love to you guys,

Jo Hoffacker said...

Cool beans! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.

One Creative Queen said...

Thanks, Jo! I appreciate it. :)

I had my eyes crossed for the longest time - but the Princess told me they would stick that way, so I uncrossed them.

Maybe I should've kept them crossed? The world looked a lot less "warped" from that perspective! haha


Dorothy said...

Thanks for sharing...the giveaway...I'll pop over..

Dorothy from grammology

twinklescrapbooks said...

Happy St. Patrick's!!!
tina :)

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