Art Advice - Continued

QUICK NOTE: Tim Holtz is doing his infamous "12 Tags of Christmas" again this year. It's always stunning to see how talented this man is - he's brilliant!

Onto the second part of yesterday's post. (Didn't know you'd get roped into a second part, did ya?)

Besides the things I brought up yesterday, I've had one other issue on my mind that's been driving me...erm...battier. This is the last time I'll bring this up - I think.

Finding My Artistic Path

I need some advice.

You know I'm all over the place with my art. Fabric owns my heart. I love polymer clay. Painting is incredible. I live to doodle. I adore metal. I'm obsessed with shrink art. I can't get enough of paper. In my opinion, one can never have enough beads. I love pens and markers so much, I dream about them. I literally breathe to make up - and try out - new techniques.

Ostrich Eggs

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 Above: I thought all I needed was an ostrich egg and a Dremel - and let's not forget my ridiculous over-exaggeration of my talent, and the "ease" of this art - to make something this incredible. HA!


I have a question that is perplexing me...and I need some input. I bought an ostrich egg a few months back - and it's beautiful.

Into Altered Books?

This is the most incredible video on altered books. The paper cutting itself is astounding - I have no idea how NZ Book Council put this together. It's beautiful and kind of....terrifying? I think that's the word I'm looking for. I'd love to hear your thoughts.

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