Into Altered Books?

This is the most incredible video on altered books. The paper cutting itself is astounding - I have no idea how NZ Book Council put this together. It's beautiful and kind of....terrifying? I think that's the word I'm looking for. I'd love to hear your thoughts.


9 Royal Responses:

Anonymous said...

A very good animator - couldn't understand a thing the guy was saying but it is clever.

PJ said...

i have never seen anything like that before. it was pretty cool. have a good night!

Becki said...

I thought that was pretty cool too! I think I'll go check and see if they have others. Thanks for sharing :)

Small Town Mommy said...

That was really great! I loved the paper cutting.

vickie said...

Wow, cool! A very sharp exacto knife and lots of time, I bet!!

Stormee said...

Very nice.

Ann said...

Wow, that was so cool.

Kelly said...

AMAZING!!! Just imagine the specific talent to see the finished effect in one's head in order to make the cuts right and all that..... What a talent! I wouldn't have the patience I'm afraid. But I'm glad others do so I can enjoy it. Thanks for sharing it, oh Queen! If I wasn't already a reader.....I would become one. Made books come alive indeed!

Guggenheim museum New York said...

This was something speacial.

I hats off the guy who made this.

Thanks for posting queen.

Prateek Panchal

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