Seriously?? Saturday

Today's post is pure randomness...but everything revolves around, "seriously??", of "you can't be serious!" fame.

I've missed you all so much that I am going to great lengths to post. (Which, ironically, falls under the seriously?? theme for today.) I'm having to use three THREE keyboards to type. Would I lie?

Keyboard 1: Space bar
Keyboard 2: Letters N and B.
Keyboard 3: Everything else

Why should you care? Besides that being a terribly rude question (especially to be asking the QUEEN, mind you), you should care because every time you see a space, an n, or a b, you'll know I had to use a different keyboard. All this work, just for your reading pleasure. I'm sick in the head. Seriously!!

Hot Docs & Babies with "Flat" Spots
Since Steve Wilkos was a repeat on Thursday, I clicked over to check out the happs on "The Doctors". I don't know much about the show... except that the main doctor, Dr Travis Stork - aka Dr McHottie Man - is pretty difficult to ignore.

So, I'm only partially paying attention, when I experienced a true seriously?? moment. It occurred when I looked up and saw something like this.

No matter how hot the doc is that wanted me to put this thing on my kids head, it just wouldn't happen. Well, do you disagree?? Well, do you?? It isn't for some protective measure. It isn't even mandatory for some serious medical condition.'s a possible corrective measure for babies with plagiocephaly - which sounds much more serious than it is. Plagiocephaly = misshapen head. You know, the flat part of the head some babies get from laying on their back. (I'm serious here. Don't believe that some parents think a helmet is necessary for this...umm...disorder? Well, then, check out what this blogger says. And I won't even get into the whole decoration thing. Yes, even this blog - an art blog, no less - has its limits.) This DOC Band is used to straighten a babies misshapen head. It must be worn for 23 hours every day. For a minimum of 3 months. Seriously!! No guarantees it actually fact, the makers of this beautiful "cap" must conduct another study in order to satisify the FDA's doubts - because as it stands now, every baby - whether the head has just a little flat spot, or there is a raging case of true plagiocephaly (where the head is so misshapen that the chest wall is involved) - gets one of these DOC Bands.

All I'm saying is that all three of the beasts had a case of flat-head...and not once did I worry, or visit Dr McHottie Man, or put them in one of these contraptions. Hmmm then again, maybe that explains a lot regarding the way they think. (Kidding - since flat-head is only cosmetic. Don't want to offend some poor first-time mother, who has a kid that's really facockted or something.) I do know this: had I known then what I know now, I would have gotten each of them fitted for one of these...and made sure I took lots LOTS of pictures. Even if Thing One, Thing Two, or Thing Three didn't have a flat spot to be found, I would have gotten DOC Bands for all three, just for picture purposes.

I have always been of the opinion that if something natural came from the sky, it was public property. Does anyone "own" the sunshine? I never thought so. HA I was apparently so wrong!

Just last week I became aware of a most interesting law on the ooks in these here parts.
Colorado is a pretty forward-thinking state. After living here for 16+ years this time (and spending a good portion of my childhood here), it's become impossible to ignore that the residents of this state pride themselves on being "progressive". And interested in the environment, as well. (This seems to grow exponentially in truth the closer one gets to Boulder.) Xeroscaping is a popular way to landscape. The courts view father's rights are equal to mother's rights. Recycling is a must. And drought has been a way of life for...well, ever since I can remember.

Living in this dry climate, recycling water has almost become a way of life. I actually know a woman who saves her bath water - and uses it to water her plants. (I only know one, thank goodness.) Seriously!! Water rights are the subject of long, drawn-out court battles. The farmers and their needs won't even be discussed here...but they have very real needs, also. Getting the idea?

I was stunned while watching the news last week. It's rained an abnormal amount here over the last several weeks. This unusually wet weather prompted the local news to run a cautionary story on a few different newscasts. They were warning people not to collect the rain water - from one's own property - because it's against the law. Seriously?? Yep - I'm not kidding.

Can you imagine trying to explain those charges to your cellie?

The Economy Sucks...Gas, Evidently

My hands are now tired, and my brain is fried(er), so I will leave this last
seriously?? as a link. Summation: Two guys rob a bank...but don't fill the gas tank on their getaway car before their brilliant stunt. You can read the story here.

I'll try to post again soon - once my hands have recovered. Seriously.

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