Photobucket Sucks!

Oops! You meanI accidentally linked the picture to their account? My bad!
I've been using Photobucket forever. I've always thought it's a great place to store images online - free. I've never felt the need to upgrade my account to a "Pro" account since I don't have tons of images, and I don't really care about the ads they show on each "Free" member's page. I mostly use their services to store some blog pictures - and used to use my account a lot more when I was selling on eBay. I know some things have changed on the site - and it's my own fault for not paying close attention - but since I don't use my account that much, I didn't realize what changes had been put into effect.

I woke up at 2:15 this morning and got online. With the oldest supposedly going to school during the day, he needs the computer - so I get on when I can. Which usually means middle of the night or early in the morning. (He's way younger than I am and I know there is no possible way I can outlast him at night.) When I checked my email, I was surprised to find an email from Photobucket, announcing I had a "follower". Not sure what that meant, I went to the site and checked it out.

Now I'm annoyed, irritated and pissed. When I checked out my "followers" account, I noticed she had a few of my pictures in her albums. Photos I took. Of things I had made. These weren't just pictures of a sunset I had taken - or royalty free images I found online and changed to suit my purposes. They weren't even photos or clip art I had paid to use. These were pictures taken by MY camera, of things MY hands created. It isn't like she has a link from my album to hers, attributing the original author/creator of the photos or the subjects within the photos. She didn't even purchase the items I had in the pictures, which I would have understood.

No. She has taken my pictures and placed them in her own albums - as if the photos "belong" to her. I assume many (all?) of her photos came from someone else - and she's passing them off as hers. The part where I totally lost my mind? Did you know you can have these photos - regardless of where they come from, or who "owns" them - put on all sorts of merchandise? I could go to your Photobucket album, find a picture YOU took, and slap it on a coffee mug, t-shirt, or playing cards?? WTH?

I realize people can download pictures from anywhere on the Internet, save them to their computer, and do whatever they want with them. Especially if photos aren't watermarked. I just didn't realize a photo hosting service would "help" to make this so easy. I haven't noticed the same thing on Flickr, but maybe it's there and I've just overlooked it. This seems totally wrong to me.

Am I missing something?


Glorious Giveaways Galore!

Does anyone remember Woot Loot? At the beginning of last year, I had introduced a monthly giveaway I called Woot Loot - and I gave away a book from my stash, some art, a piece of jewelry I'd made, etc. I named it Woot Loot because the "loot" was supposed to make you say "WOOT!". Has anyone been around long enough to remember me doing that? Or were the winners mostly just here for the prizes, and not interested in listening to me ramble?

One of the reasons I quit Woot Loot was the increase in postage. Another reason was, although I enjoyed the increase in readership, it's frustrating to give things away to people who are just visiting your blog to win. Does that make any sense? I started Woot Loot as a way to bring other artists, crafters, and people interested in arts and crafts, to my blog. Not just contest seekers. I was hoping to make a few new friends, find some interesting new blogs, and have fun in the process. I also gave it up because frankly, I couldn't afford to do it, and it became difficult to do it monthly, when I didn't know what my health was going to be doing.

Don't get me wrong - I enjoyed Woot Loot. It was really fun to look around and figure out what I would offer as a prize. I even had a great time giving away some of my art and jewelry on other blogs, to celebrate their blogiversary or blog tour or...whatever. It was so fun knowing I was contributing something to someone else's blog, tour, contest, etc. I quit because the people I sent things to were friends while the contest was going on - but I'm pretty sure they couldn't tell you my name now. Not that I expect to be best friends with everyone I send prizes to...but it would be nice not to feel "used". Make sense?


I'm thinking about bringing Woot Loot back. With a twist. Rather than just giving stuff away, people will have to work for it - by entertaining me/us, convincing me/us why they should win, or solving a rhyme/riddle/joke.

What do you think? Is anyone interested in bringing back Woot Loot? Would any of you participate if you had to work for the prize? Or, if I bring it back, should I just keep the rules the same as everyone else's...leave a comment, follow me, Tweet about it, etc. I'd love to know what you all think...because I'd really like to reward you for reading my blabbing.

Let me know. I'll probably wind up doing the opposite of what you suggest, but you never know. I'm still thinking I can follow the resolutions I didn't make.

Let's Take a Trip

Since it's right after the holidays, and the economy in the toilet, I thought I'd gift you with a free vacation. This isn't some ridiculous contest, where you have to stand on your head while you drink a glass of water. You don't have to do anything - but enjoy. Please make sure your items are stored safely in the overhead compartment, your seat belts is securely fastened, trays are in the upright position...and make note of the emergency exits. Who would've thought I could afford to send every single one of my readers on a free vacay??

Ok, so it isn't a traditional vacation...but better. You don't have to pack any bags, do tons of laundry upon your return, or spend hours getting ready for a passport photo that you know won't turn out well. There won't be any worrying about what the person sitting next to you has in their underwear. (Unless you're into that.) No strip searches. (Again, unless you're into that.) You won't even have to deal with travel delays, screaming children (unless they're yours), or bad food. (Once more, unless you're into that.)'s all good. I haven't scheduled you for any lame activities, you don't have to worry about the water, and there's no how-will-I-fit-into-a-swimming-suit stress. I can see you don't believe me...but you'd be wrong! I've spent some time on a couple of really great new blogs lately. So enjoy your vacation around the web - I hope you enjoy the sites as much as I did. You can thank me later.

Scrap Journal of Angela H: This is a great blog by a talented scrapper, for scrappers. Angela happens to have a fantastic giveaway going on right now - and you'll want to run over and enter. She's giving away a Paper Gator -an awesome tool from Around the Block. Trust me, you need one! Entering is easy - answer the question "What is your definition of a Scrapbook Diva?" - but do it before Friday (01.15), or your chance to win will be shredded.

Redhead Ranting: If you aren't familiar with this blog, your life is not complete! I've been an avid reader of Jen's blog for a long time now, so it isn't new...but it's always worth a read. A recent post, Inappropriate Behavior, cracked me up -. I can so empathize! I dare you to read the entire post - especially the second option of the Fix It Plan - without cracking a smile.

KV Creative Designs: What can I say about Kathryn's delicious blog? She challenges me to be a better artist, with all the wonderful things she comes across online. She's also having a fantastic giveaway to celebrate her second blogiversary. She's giving away some scrumdiddlyumptious mixed media art she made - and a little gift bag to go with it. Can you stand it?? Definitely a don't-miss destination!

I'm Just a Girl: This blog is getting ultra exciting! Margie is right at the entry of a fascinating journey - she has developed a line of the most delish papers, The Girls' Paperie. Even Tim Holtz is bragging about this paper fashionista - which is how I found her. Margie's line was picked up by Advantus and it's totally fun watching her undertake this adventure - and live vicariously through her! She's also giving away some things from The Girls' Paperie...before it debuts at CHA 2010!

SuzeBlogz: What can I say about Suze that hasn't already been said? For some scrumptious eye candy, you have to, have to, have to check this out - she even gives you a tutorial for it! Suze has been busy getting ready for Art Opera, where she'll be teaching. I'm totally bummed I can't get to NJ to attend - but seeing a sample she created at least gave me the chance to dream. So much talent packed in such a spunky package...I love Suze. She couldn't be any nicer, more accessible, or more fun!

Creative Characters: Natalie's site is fantastic. Superbly fantastic. Her dolls...her faces...her art! I could get lost in this woman's talent - and she seems to have so much talent that it oozes out of her pores. She is absolutely amazing - a definite must if you're creative or interested in amazing art. She also has not one, but TWO etsy shops...Creative CharacterS and ClotheSpinZ. Splendiferous!

Illustration Friday: Just a really neat place to check out. Every week there is a new creative exercise to challenge your creativity. There's no pressure, no strings, no nothing...but a great way to stretch your creative bones. Are you up for the challenge??

After all that creativity and fun, you're probably worn out. Wasn't it worth it?!


FA/MM & the Cutest Bear Giveaway

Sorry for not posting much lately - I've been battling life to get it started on the right foot for 2010. Just like the 'beasts - or maybe because of them?- it's not cooperating.

I joined a challenge with Susan Sorrell (Creative Chick Studios) - to get out of the comfort zone, use the books/magazines I have around my studio, and play with at least one new art technique each month. If you're looking for some motivation, check out the group (by clicking on the group icon above) - which is hosted at the Fiber Arts/Mixed Media Ning, a very creative and fun place to belong.

There is a very cool giveaway going on over at Bears in the Bush. In celebration of her first blogiversary, Linda Benson is giving away one of her darling bears. To fully experience her talent and creativity, you must check out her blog. You'll be instantly hooked on her sweet bears - just look at the one she created, pictured above.

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