Photobucket Sucks!

Oops! You meanI accidentally linked the picture to their account? My bad!
I've been using Photobucket forever. I've always thought it's a great place to store images online - free. I've never felt the need to upgrade my account to a "Pro" account since I don't have tons of images, and I don't really care about the ads they show on each "Free" member's page. I mostly use their services to store some blog pictures - and used to use my account a lot more when I was selling on eBay. I know some things have changed on the site - and it's my own fault for not paying close attention - but since I don't use my account that much, I didn't realize what changes had been put into effect.

I woke up at 2:15 this morning and got online. With the oldest supposedly going to school during the day, he needs the computer - so I get on when I can. Which usually means middle of the night or early in the morning. (He's way younger than I am and I know there is no possible way I can outlast him at night.) When I checked my email, I was surprised to find an email from Photobucket, announcing I had a "follower". Not sure what that meant, I went to the site and checked it out.

Now I'm annoyed, irritated and pissed. When I checked out my "followers" account, I noticed she had a few of my pictures in her albums. Photos I took. Of things I had made. These weren't just pictures of a sunset I had taken - or royalty free images I found online and changed to suit my purposes. They weren't even photos or clip art I had paid to use. These were pictures taken by MY camera, of things MY hands created. It isn't like she has a link from my album to hers, attributing the original author/creator of the photos or the subjects within the photos. She didn't even purchase the items I had in the pictures, which I would have understood.

No. She has taken my pictures and placed them in her own albums - as if the photos "belong" to her. I assume many (all?) of her photos came from someone else - and she's passing them off as hers. The part where I totally lost my mind? Did you know you can have these photos - regardless of where they come from, or who "owns" them - put on all sorts of merchandise? I could go to your Photobucket album, find a picture YOU took, and slap it on a coffee mug, t-shirt, or playing cards?? WTH?

I realize people can download pictures from anywhere on the Internet, save them to their computer, and do whatever they want with them. Especially if photos aren't watermarked. I just didn't realize a photo hosting service would "help" to make this so easy. I haven't noticed the same thing on Flickr, but maybe it's there and I've just overlooked it. This seems totally wrong to me.

Am I missing something?


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FishHawk said...

Perhaps she didn't actually get those images off of your bucket site, but just right-clicked them here? I suppose it doesn't really matter.

One Creative Queen said...

She could have - but I got an email saying she's "following" me. I know it shouldn't be that big of a deal - it just really irritates me that a site like Photobucket allows, even supports, taking pictures from others...with no credit. It's just a little pain in my neck...but still needles me nonetheless!

I've missed seeing you around - I'm glad you dropped in! xx

Jaime Haney aka ArtsyFartsy.Me said...

well i agree with you, it is wrong for her to able to pull them from anywhere and not have to give credit for where she got it from. Especially since she has a photobucket account too. you'd think it would be easy for photobucket to link to your site from the pic and put your username on it instead of letting people believe it is hers and not just a favorite of hers. Have you contacted her and asked her to remove your pictures or the very least give you credit for it?

I just went to that site and I don't see your candle. did you delete it already? I'm not sure how you knew she had your images. I have a pb account to, so I went to see if my image was being put in someone else's album, but I just don't see where it says that. Tell me more :)

One Creative Queen said...

I haven't removed anything...yet. The photo is still there, but she's uploaded more pictures (that belong to other people) since she uploaded mine - so mine got pushed back. Mine is now at - and my teapot pin cushion is at - it's the eighth picture.

Thank you for confirming that I'm not totally nuts for being irritated - I haven't done anything yet because I haven't been sure what to do. Apparently, ANYONE can do this. I only found out about it because PB sent me an email saying I had a "follower" - and I didn't know what that was.

Email me you PB acct name (if you want) - and I'll sign up to follow you, so you can see what it is. I don't know where to send you without doing that. :)


Barbara Moustafa said...

Hi Kath just came over from Creative Souls to check your blog.
I would be annoyed too. the least anyone can do if they 'show" someone elses creations is to credit the artist, so others can see where they came from.
Mind you this kind of thing seems to happen everywhere now. I have an account on Deviant Art and there is always somebody taking pics and putting them on other sites as their own work
Sometimes they even remove the watermark in Photoshop!
xxBarbara aka Rustymermaid

Jen said...

Is it possible it is a mistake? Have you asked her why she has your pictures in her album? I'd start there. I'd be pissed off too.

One Creative Queen said...

Kill first, ask questions after. lol

@ Barbara - I love your work and I appreciate your input. It's awful that people take others work and post it as their own...I want to string those people up.

@ Jen - Unfortunately, it isn't a mistake. I looked through some of her albums and it seems that she takes pictures from everywhere and puts them in the album. I'm flattered if someone admires my stuff - but either ASK, or CREDIT me. I'm happy to share and flattered when someone asks. Don't be a jackass and take. xx

Lin said...

Oh gees, that's ballsy. I'm going to delete my few photos I have at Photobucket now.

One Creative Queen said...

I know. An update: I began to write a comment to the account holder (on one of MY pictures), but decided to look again at the FAQs. Still couldn't find whether PB endorses this, as a rule. So I've emailed them. They say they "try to answer every email personally" - so I'm dying to hear what they say. I'm just annoyed I didn't copy/paste my letter to PB before I sent it - and now I can't get it. Ack!

I'll let you know their response...but at the very least, I'd mark all your pictures "private"! xx

Ann said...

Well that is irritating. I can see having a "favorites" album that links to the original but to be able to just take someone elses work and post it there is pure crud. I'll have to go check my photobucket

Anonymous said...

First, whenever you use Photobucket make sure you log-out. Second, go to your your settings and make your album private. Third, on the tab that says followers, when you click that you will see tabs across the top, click "Manage" and you can block a particular user or all users.

But also remember, anyone can right click on an just about any image and save it to their own computer. Yes, there are codes and stuff that disable this feature but most of us don't know how to use it LOL

Duni said...

Is that true?
I didn't realize. I think I might delete my few photos on Photobucket. But I think 'free for all' is very unprofessional.

PJ said...

i just went and made my albums private and blocked all users. thanks for this info.

have a great day...hugz!

One Creative Queen said...

@ Ann & Duni: I know. I'm really ticked at the audacity this chick has. I really like the "Favorites" album idea - that would be great!

@PJ: Smart girl! Then again, you always are! (I ain't got no stoopid readers!) You're welcome, as always. :)

@ Grace: I'm confused - what does logging out do? (Besides the obvious.) Is there a specific reason? I know you can copy any picture unless you code the pics so people can't...but that isn't what I'm upset about. What makes me angry is that PB makes it so easy - almost encouraging it. Ok, so I'm mad that she stole my pictures, also...but PB even cut out a couple of the steps you have to take when right-clicking! Besides, there are even ways to get around the coding, if someone really wants to steal a picture. It just sucks.

Mean, evil picture stealing people suck. lol

Linda Hammelman said...

Thanks for the heads up. Make sure your albums are "private" and locked. I don't think anyone can see mine, and like you I just use it for posting to other sites.

Anonymous said...

If you don't log out if someone right clicks on one of your pictures and/or right clicks on a page to obtain source info they will be able to obtain the entire url for that picture which will take them directly to your photobucket album and they have the same access as you do to your photos -

If you make your albums private and block all users then no one will be able to follow you because no one will be able to see your photos but you will still be able to use them on blogs message boards web sites whatever using normal html

One Creative Queen said...

Grace - Thanks for the info. I didn't know that - and appreciate the explanation. :)

Actually, a lot has happened since this - I will be posting a follow up. xx

psoriasis treatments said...

I totally agree with you......There is no forgiveness for interrupting privacy without getting permission.

Thanks for sharing.

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