We Have a Winnah!

Well...does anyone even know I held a contest for 250 custom greeting cards, courtesy of UPrinting.com? If you've been in the know, you must be one of the few. Even after advertising it with a sticky at the top of my blog - and Tweeting about it several times - only seven of you entered. That's 7. What's up with that?? I thought this was a great contest! Didn't anyone want free cards? Free custom cards? Free custom, professionally printed greeting cards? I know I always need nice cards for something...and since my blog is mostly about art and parenting, I really thought this contest would be popular. But seven entries?? Do I need to start sending out checks in order to have friends...again??

For those fantastically awesome readers who did enter, thank you. Your odds were really good - and I wish I could award a prize to each of you. Since I can't, let me say this...I am going to be announcing not one, but two new contests in the next couple of days...so keep your eyes open. The upcoming prizes are exciting!

Oh wait - maybe I need to restate (what I thought was) the obvious...you guys do know that PRIZE means FREE, right? Just checkin'.

Random.org chose the winner - and although I would usually insert a drum roll here, I'm afraid the echo from my apparent lack of readers may injure someone's ears...and I need all the readers I can get for these next two contests.

Seriously... 7??

Lucky number six is...
Katie, Kevin and kids said...
I would like to make notecards to give as teacher gifts

Congratulations!! Thank you so much for participating in the giveaway, all seven of you. (Can you tell I'm a little bothered?) I'm off to email Katie, Kevin and kids right now - I really hope you like the cards. UPrinting.com does a superior job!

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