Tile Smile Rocks!

I recently ordered the cutest little tile from a great Etsy shop - and wanted to share my find.

Rachel, owner of Tile Smile, is absolutely wonderful. She is totally up for custom orders, which worked well since I was looking for something regal to spruce up this crazy palace. With a quick convo, a few details, and an extremely reasonable payment, my tile arrived - and yes, it did make me smile! I couldn't help it - just look at my experience:

Who wouldn't want to open this!

She also sells on Art Fire. If you are looking for an adorable, well made gift, I highly recommend Tile Smile. Even though my tile was a custom order, Rachel made and shipped it faster than the kids could put me in a home!

For now, the tile is right by my computer. I like looking at it - and altho it's sturdy, to be honest this is one of the very few safe places in the castle. As long as it's right next to me, I know them childebeast peeps aren't demolishing it.

I love it when I make great finds - especially when the item is from another artisan practicing their craft. Rachel has her formula down exceptionally well, and it was my pleasure working with her. I wouldn't be a very good Queen if I didn't pass along the best of the best, now would I??

An Ode to Frappuccino

Fresh and cold
Rich, bold flavor
Allows me to get through the day.
Perfectly refreshing
Pleasantly satisfying
Uplifting and clears brain fog quickly.
Caffeine, sweet caffeine
Could I get through the day without you?
I don't think so
No, I couldn't function
Oh, Frappuccino, I love you!

Blog Buddies Are the Best!!

I was lucky enough to be a part of Paige's Crafting It Forward. I've talked about Paige a couple of times - but in case you don't live and die by my blog (in which case, you should have your head checked), Paige is of Lenox Knits fame. An incredible knitster and a great friend, I'm so totally thrilled to own a piece she made. And to make things even better? Included with the magnificent scarf was the most adorable headband. I love them both - and am in total awe of this incredible woman. I have tried to knit and crochet many times - but apparently my brain doesn't work the way it needs to in order to master either craft. I even bought "Crochet for Dummies", hoping that would help... but $10 and almost an entire skein later, I'm embarrassed to admit that I can't even get the first stitch of crochet right. And yes, I'm talking about the knot you make to get the string on the crochet needle.

I will even admit to buying one of those circular hand loomy things (I'm into technical terms) - and I'm so uncoordinated and clumsy that I couldn't get it to work...and broke it on my first attempt.

Yep. I'm that big of a dork.

I can't get pictures off my camera right now - but I can still operate my scanner. Sometimes.

I was able to get scans of Paige's amazing work...but I hate that there isn't any definition to the pictures. You can't see the gorgeous pattern she used. And of course, I have no clue what you call it...straight, knot, knot, knot, straight, knot, knot, knot. It's stunning in person - she used colors of royalty. The colors aren't "pure", tho - the purple has tiny red lines in it, and is stretchy. The orange has a similar stretch, with streaks of red. There is also a solid red made of the same thick, stretchy...ummm...yarn? Ribbon? Oh man. Please don't be offended!
Along these larger "ribbons" are smaller threads - and they are extraordinary as well. Black, green, blue, gray, and gold swirl together like they are dancing to cat bch the light. It's just...beautiful. Astounding. Unique. Classy.

Like I told Paige, I have nothing to wear it with - it's so regal that I need to go buy something special to go with it.
The headband is wonderful as well. Done in a different stitch and in an almost terra cotta color (that goes well with the scarf), it's awesome. I don't have anything like it - I've seen them before, wished for one before, but never had the chance to own one before. And now I do...YIPPEEE!!!

As part of Paige's crafty Pay It Forward, I now have to offer up my own items to 5 people. I've been thinking of what to send...but I'm not going to announce it until my art swaps are finished on the 30th. I'm swamped with those right now and don't feel it's fair to put the winners off that long. Keep your eyes open, tho - the announcement will be made around May 30th - and I will do my best to create something the winners will enjoy as much as I love the scarf and headband Paige was sweet enough to make for me.

Scarf made by Paige

Headband made by Paige (Etsy link)

Thank you so muchPaige. Awesome, aren't they??


Dude Looks Like a Lady


03.2009 - Princess and her 4 new kittens
Female, around 5 years. The mama cat. Had to get her fixed - been waiting for all the kittens to be weaned. Since they are around 6 weeks, close enough. Especially since Squeak has...taken a sudden and very extreme interest in his mom.


Male, 10 months. Offspring of Princess. Mellow cat who watches the kittens like they're his. Patient cat. Almost twice the size of Princess. Having him fixed became urgent issue when, in the last week, he developed a huge interest in Princess and Noodles, and provided the childebeasts with life lessons. (Thanks, Squeak.)


Female, 10 months. Offspring to Princess. Sister to Squeak. Great cat. Patient, quiet, likes to snuggle. Allows the Princess (youngest childebeast) to dress her up in baby clothes. Sometimes. Disinterested in kittens - unless they appear to be food when she's hungry. Likes to harrass Sweet Pea.


Female, 10 years old. Sweet kitty. Stays to herself. Was good friends with Princess - til Princess started having all these annoying little cats. Wants no part of little cats. Also doesn't want to be touched unless she approaches you. Spends a good portion of time hiding under oldest beast's bed - wishing little cats would fall off the face of the earth.

These are the players in Castle de Cat. Since Sweet Pea is already fixed, took the 3 others in yesterday. Registered 2 boys and a girl. Answered "yes" to question about whether females could be pregnant. Spoke to vet tech, explained Squeak had been all over Princess and Noodles all week. Tried locking him up - but in a townhouse with 8 cats...that just wasn't going to happen. (Never mind that I felt bad about separating him from his buddies. So what if I gave him 3 chances a day to change his eays and stay off Princess and Noodles...and that he blew it within 2 minutes of being let out. My feeling sorry for his solitude had absolutely nothing to do with my inability to keep him fully locked in a separate room.) Also voiced my concern about Noodles having strange affection for Princess. Could it be that Noodles kept getting on Princess due to some strange attachment disorder?

I ask vet tech if female cats can have a "love" affair, since I kept finding Noodles on Princess. Yes - should stop when everyone is fixed. Glad I'm having it done.

Well, wonders never cease. Returning 7 hours later, vet tech tells me everything went fine. Good.

"But there is one thing..."
"Did you know that Noodles is...a BOY??"

Since Squeak is apparently the dominant cat (as evidenced by his...goings on...with Noodles), I was just clearing the way for Noodles to fornicate with his mother by locking up Squeak. I wasn't keeping Princess and Noodles safe by doing that.

Isn't it nice when you spend $75 just to find out you're a total bone head??

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