Two Weeks?

Oops. I can't believe two weeks have passed since I last wrote. Seems time flies by faster than I can keep up!

I'm still not done with my studio...and that is driving me nuts. I'm actually salivating to create. I've spent a lot of time looking at artist blogs lately...and have found some that are extremely creative. I don't know how people manage to create these great works of art, keep up with life AND stay current with a blog. What am I doing wrong?

The computer is a huge "time sucker" for me...but there are so many neat things to look at. For example, I came across this woman's site - she is phenomenal. I originally saw her on "Crafter's Coast to Coast" on the DIY channel. She created this really neat collage - and I had to see what else she'd done lately. Here is a link to her site.

She also has a site with all her work for sale - but I can't find that address at the moment. Looking at her work is inspiring and fun though - and you won't be disappointed.

I've been bursting at the seams lately with ideas. I really want to try egg carving - but I didn't realize how expensive emu and ostrich eggs are. Since I've never worked with that kind of medium I'd like to start small and just get the feel of it before investing in some whole eggs that I'll probably just break. At least if I'm practicing on egg pieces (or something) I won't be too annoyed when I break the first few! It just amazes me what people can create on an egg shell. I think my favorites are emu eggs - I love the color. Here's a link to a site I came across with some really neat carvings.

The egg titled "Iris Emu Egg" is my favorite. It's just astounding to me.

Life has been moving along...lots of new things are happening but nothing positive. I'll save you from the crappy details. There was one thing that happened earlier that made me laugh. Here's the link - I hope you get a kick out of it as much as I did.

It's from Post Secret this week. I hope the above link works. I don't know why I got such a kick out of it - but it made me laugh!

I'm off to try to get some things done. I'm going to keep working on my studio and try to keep this a bit more updated. I suppose once I get back to creating that I'll be more interested in keeping this updated. It will help to have art pieces to display!
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