Looking for a Life - Richard Heene Should Do Same

This is what the Princess and I did to entertain ourselves last night. I need to get out more. Or get a life.

I think this is how I began...before kids.
Don't judge me.
 After the first.
After the second.
 A permanent look - after the third was born.
On a regular day.
You're judging again.
 By 6 o'clock - any evening of the week.
And speaking of the third...
I suggested the Princess keep this picture so she knows how to wear her hair for prom.
She claims styles may change in the six years that will pass before she becomes a junior.
How could that be possible?
The hair, when combined with her natural dance style - looking like an Egyptian here -
couldn't possibly go out of style.

Hey - the Bangles made it happen.

Oh - and Richard Heene? Shut the hell up. Please.
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