My Budding Artist

I think I have a budding artist - which is totally surprising, considering her mom isn't into art at all. ha

I'm glad someone in the Castle is able to get some art done. I thought I would share one of her pictures with you - just to perk up the middle of your week. Happy Wednesday!
By the way, I wanted to give a shout out to They had a giveaway of Clinton Kelly's book, Freakin' Fabulous. Clinton pairs with Stacy London on the tv show What Not to Wear. Of course, the Queen doesn't have problems of that sort...but who doesn't want to be Freakin' Fabulous??

I won the book and can't wait to receive it. Who knows...maybe Clinton can teach royalty "How to Dress, Speak, Behave, Eat, Drink, Entertain, Decorate, and Generally Be better than Everyone Else" (the subtitle of the book). ha

In order to win, had readers leave a comment stating one thing that makes a Modern Lady fabulous. It could only be one word. My answer was STRENGTH. So my question to you is...what is one quality that makes YOU fabulous??

Just Another Manic...Tuesday

Webster's definition of MANIA:
1: excitement manifested by mental and physical hyperactivity, disorganization of behavior, and elevation of mood ; specifically : the manic phase of bipolar disorder
2 a: excessive or unreasonable enthusiasm mania for saving things> —often used in combination
b: the object of such enthusiasm

(It should be noted that everything on Webster's page for "mania" is related to psychiatric disorders)

The Queen's definition of MANIA:
1. Flat out, uncontrollable, talk-to-"the voices"-and-drool, crazy.
2. Craziness you aren't prepared for, do not want, nor particularly like.
3. Having more than one kid sick at any given time.

Yep, I know the name of the
song is Manic Monday - but mania seems to have lost it's calendar. "It" follows me every day. I can't get away from "it". "It" is inevitable.

It's a regular Tuesday around the Castle...not one, but TWO 'beasts home sick. The insane mania of running Triaminic and ibuprofen between coughing, aching, stuffy headed, fever, but there is no rest, kids is killing me. I have my fingers crossed we don't end up in the hospital with the Princess - she has already started her wheezing. Even with starting neb treatments early, it's still questionable.

The funny part? I've been working on this post for almost an hour. Why?
Because this is all I can see. The kittens are obsessed with the movements the mouse makes on the screen - so they take turns spending time trying to chase it. Not quite sure whether it's just maniac hysteria or what - but I find this incredibly funny and entertaining. (Doesn't take much, I know.) The connection between the kittens and the mouse just pushes me over the edge.

What I was originally going to post today was a reminder to check out Chrysti's blog. She is still offering awesome giveaways - so I'm not sure what you're waiting for. She's at day 12 of her "29 Day Giveaway" - and loads of prizes are still to be had. Even if you don't want to enter the giveaways (in which case you should have your head checked), there is SO much eye candy to look at! Today Chrysti is featuring Pam Carriker - and has some really fantastic pieces by Pam up on her site. They are delish! I also happen to know that Ms Chrysti is closing her open a brand new one! She is putting everything on now is your chance to stock up on some awesome stuff. Just click here to visit her shop and check out all the deals.

One reason I'm supporting Chrysti - she is truly a generous spirit. Not to mention she's able to put the art in ARTist! Even though she's gone through a difficult time since beginning the 29 Days of Christmas, she continues to carry on - and with a delightfully positive attitude. Her post today is inspiring - and definitely work a look. It's rare to find someone who is so giving - and so willing to promote others. You'll be sorry if you don't check it out!

And now the mania is kicking back in...I'm off to rub more Vicks into stuffy chests!

Be well!

I'll Be Cooking Lots Now!

Remember the post I wrote about Mark Bittman's "How to Cook Everything"? No? Well you can see it here.

I just received an email from Lynne over at I won the cookbook. Right on! The idea of owning a book of quick, easy recipes really appeals to me - because the idea of spending hours in the kitchen just to cook is nothing short of tortorous to me. Put me in front of a firing squad, pull my finger nails out one-by-one, but please don't stick me in the kitchen for hours!!

Now feeding everyone Ramen Noodles will be a choice - not a necessity. We'll have some variation in our diet! I can hardly wait to receive the book - I'm so stoked to try it out!

(Let me reassure you, this does NOT mean I will become domestic
in any sense of the word. I promsie. No worries there.)

Monday Thank Yous

Happy Monday!

I don't claim to know everything...or even very much. However, there is one thing I know...when it's 4:45 in the morning - and -17* outside - I do not want to come out from under the down comforter. No matter how loud the alarm blares. Not even the threat of a third day home with the childebeasts was enough to rouse me...WAIT! What am I saying? That was the thought that had me bounding out of bed, tripping on cats, running into art supplies, stepping on dollies left on the floor, stubbing toes on the inconveniently placed wheels under my bed. I'm sure I somewhat resembled an incoherent Superwoman. I may have been unable to leap tall buildings (or even my bed) in a single bound, I am up and ready to go!

I made a couple of cute Thank You cards I thought I would share with you. Both are very easy and took less than 20 minutes each! Not bad for a handmade note of gratitude.
Purple Thank You
I hate that the scan doesn't show the silver flourish accents very well - but I suppose I'll get over it.
* The card itself is a pearlescent purple. These blank cards are available in a variety of beautiful pearlescent colors at Hobby Lobby. (They are white inside and come with matching envelopes.)
* White StazOn ink swiped around the edges
* The silver flourishes are metallic rub ons - I used one in each bottom corner and a larger design in the middle on top
* A purple metal angel with beads
* Chipboard I painted pink; sanded edges
* Pink "Thank You" ribbon (found at Michaels in their awesome "$1" bins). Edges pulled apart to make the ribbon shabby; adhered with glue stick
Bubbles Thanks
* White card stock base
* Slid edges through black ink pad
* Rubbed a little silver pigment ink on front of card, hit with heat gun to dry the ink
* Little "thanks" rub on (placed before the circles so I knew I would have room)
* Walmart has these adorable iridescent circles (along with other shapes). These really add some movement and depth! I sewed them on (they already have holes), attaching each with a little seed bead
* Inside of card was white - to cover up stitch marks, I added some decorative paper

How to Cook Everything Giveaway

That seems like a pretty broad comment to me...How to Cook Everything - but seeing as how I don't cook much (ok, ever!), who am I to debate one can't cook everything?? Then again, as I think about it, I suppose you really can cook's just that you probably don't want to eat everything!

Actually, How to Cook Everything is a cookbook by Mark Bittman. is giving away 5 copies of this handy cookbook - and all you have to do is leave a comment on this page. To me, that is much easier than cooking anything! With 5 stars on Amazon, How to Cook Everything appears to be full of yumalicious recipes that can be cooked in a flash - recipes good enough even the royal childebeasts would eat! So hurry over there and leave a comment...and let me know if you win! (I'll be expecting payment in the form of some fantastic concoction you've whipped up from this cookbook!)

Click on the picture of the book for more information.
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