How to Cook Everything Giveaway

That seems like a pretty broad comment to me...How to Cook Everything - but seeing as how I don't cook much (ok, ever!), who am I to debate one can't cook everything?? Then again, as I think about it, I suppose you really can cook's just that you probably don't want to eat everything!

Actually, How to Cook Everything is a cookbook by Mark Bittman. is giving away 5 copies of this handy cookbook - and all you have to do is leave a comment on this page. To me, that is much easier than cooking anything! With 5 stars on Amazon, How to Cook Everything appears to be full of yumalicious recipes that can be cooked in a flash - recipes good enough even the royal childebeasts would eat! So hurry over there and leave a comment...and let me know if you win! (I'll be expecting payment in the form of some fantastic concoction you've whipped up from this cookbook!)

Click on the picture of the book for more information.

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