I'll Be Cooking Lots Now!

Remember the post I wrote about Mark Bittman's "How to Cook Everything"? No? Well you can see it here.

I just received an email from Lynne over at MyGourmetConnection.com...and I won the cookbook. Right on! The idea of owning a book of quick, easy recipes really appeals to me - because the idea of spending hours in the kitchen just to cook is nothing short of tortorous to me. Put me in front of a firing squad, pull my finger nails out one-by-one, but please don't stick me in the kitchen for hours!!

Now feeding everyone Ramen Noodles will be a choice - not a necessity. We'll have some variation in our diet! I can hardly wait to receive the book - I'm so stoked to try it out!

(Let me reassure you, this does NOT mean I will become domestic
in any sense of the word. I promsie. No worries there.)

1 Royal Responses:

Jim Corbett national park said...

My sister love cooking!!!...

Nice article.....

Cook Cook!!!

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