Monday Thank Yous

Happy Monday!

I don't claim to know everything...or even very much. However, there is one thing I know...when it's 4:45 in the morning - and -17* outside - I do not want to come out from under the down comforter. No matter how loud the alarm blares. Not even the threat of a third day home with the childebeasts was enough to rouse me...WAIT! What am I saying? That was the thought that had me bounding out of bed, tripping on cats, running into art supplies, stepping on dollies left on the floor, stubbing toes on the inconveniently placed wheels under my bed. I'm sure I somewhat resembled an incoherent Superwoman. I may have been unable to leap tall buildings (or even my bed) in a single bound, I am up and ready to go!

I made a couple of cute Thank You cards I thought I would share with you. Both are very easy and took less than 20 minutes each! Not bad for a handmade note of gratitude.
Purple Thank You
I hate that the scan doesn't show the silver flourish accents very well - but I suppose I'll get over it.
* The card itself is a pearlescent purple. These blank cards are available in a variety of beautiful pearlescent colors at Hobby Lobby. (They are white inside and come with matching envelopes.)
* White StazOn ink swiped around the edges
* The silver flourishes are metallic rub ons - I used one in each bottom corner and a larger design in the middle on top
* A purple metal angel with beads
* Chipboard I painted pink; sanded edges
* Pink "Thank You" ribbon (found at Michaels in their awesome "$1" bins). Edges pulled apart to make the ribbon shabby; adhered with glue stick
Bubbles Thanks
* White card stock base
* Slid edges through black ink pad
* Rubbed a little silver pigment ink on front of card, hit with heat gun to dry the ink
* Little "thanks" rub on (placed before the circles so I knew I would have room)
* Walmart has these adorable iridescent circles (along with other shapes). These really add some movement and depth! I sewed them on (they already have holes), attaching each with a little seed bead
* Inside of card was white - to cover up stitch marks, I added some decorative paper

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