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03.2009 - Princess and her 4 new kittens
Female, around 5 years. The mama cat. Had to get her fixed - been waiting for all the kittens to be weaned. Since they are around 6 weeks, close enough. Especially since Squeak has...taken a sudden and very extreme interest in his mom.


Male, 10 months. Offspring of Princess. Mellow cat who watches the kittens like they're his. Patient cat. Almost twice the size of Princess. Having him fixed became urgent issue when, in the last week, he developed a huge interest in Princess and Noodles, and provided the childebeasts with life lessons. (Thanks, Squeak.)


Female, 10 months. Offspring to Princess. Sister to Squeak. Great cat. Patient, quiet, likes to snuggle. Allows the Princess (youngest childebeast) to dress her up in baby clothes. Sometimes. Disinterested in kittens - unless they appear to be food when she's hungry. Likes to harrass Sweet Pea.


Female, 10 years old. Sweet kitty. Stays to herself. Was good friends with Princess - til Princess started having all these annoying little cats. Wants no part of little cats. Also doesn't want to be touched unless she approaches you. Spends a good portion of time hiding under oldest beast's bed - wishing little cats would fall off the face of the earth.

These are the players in Castle de Cat. Since Sweet Pea is already fixed, took the 3 others in yesterday. Registered 2 boys and a girl. Answered "yes" to question about whether females could be pregnant. Spoke to vet tech, explained Squeak had been all over Princess and Noodles all week. Tried locking him up - but in a townhouse with 8 cats...that just wasn't going to happen. (Never mind that I felt bad about separating him from his buddies. So what if I gave him 3 chances a day to change his eays and stay off Princess and Noodles...and that he blew it within 2 minutes of being let out. My feeling sorry for his solitude had absolutely nothing to do with my inability to keep him fully locked in a separate room.) Also voiced my concern about Noodles having strange affection for Princess. Could it be that Noodles kept getting on Princess due to some strange attachment disorder?

I ask vet tech if female cats can have a "love" affair, since I kept finding Noodles on Princess. Yes - should stop when everyone is fixed. Glad I'm having it done.

Well, wonders never cease. Returning 7 hours later, vet tech tells me everything went fine. Good.

"But there is one thing..."
"Did you know that Noodles is...a BOY??"

Since Squeak is apparently the dominant cat (as evidenced by his...goings on...with Noodles), I was just clearing the way for Noodles to fornicate with his mother by locking up Squeak. I wasn't keeping Princess and Noodles safe by doing that.

Isn't it nice when you spend $75 just to find out you're a total bone head??

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twinklescrapbooks said...

Oh, that is crazy! We have cats and our boys are neutered but it was hard when they were kittens and we had to separate them in different rooms until they were old enough for neutering. Cute cats!!:)

One Creative Queen said...

Aww thanks, guys. :) It's weird how much Squeak and Noodles look like Princess (their Mom) - both of them have almost the exact same faces, so I'm always calling them by the wrong name.

It's a good thing they don't know their names yet...or maybe it's because of ME that they don't know who they are! :)

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Vacation Ideas said...

Hey can i share them, my sis really likes kitty!!!!...

Thanks for sharing...

Loved them.

Prateek Panchal

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