FA/MM & the Cutest Bear Giveaway

Sorry for not posting much lately - I've been battling life to get it started on the right foot for 2010. Just like the 'beasts - or maybe because of them?- it's not cooperating.

I joined a challenge with Susan Sorrell (Creative Chick Studios) - to get out of the comfort zone, use the books/magazines I have around my studio, and play with at least one new art technique each month. If you're looking for some motivation, check out the group (by clicking on the group icon above) - which is hosted at the Fiber Arts/Mixed Media Ning, a very creative and fun place to belong.

There is a very cool giveaway going on over at Bears in the Bush. In celebration of her first blogiversary, Linda Benson is giving away one of her darling bears. To fully experience her talent and creativity, you must check out her blog. You'll be instantly hooked on her sweet bears - just look at the one she created, pictured above.


5 Royal Responses:

Duni said...

Hi Katherine!
thanks for pointing me to the 'bear giveaway', they really are so cute!

wishing you happiness, inspiration, love and peace in 2010!


KV Creative Designs said...

I too am going over to the Bear Giveaway!

Happy New Year & Artful Blessings,

P.S. Check out my blog for my giveaway!

Ann said...

no need to apologize katherine. that bear is way too cute. I do expect though that at least once a month I will be seeing what you come up with :)

Jen said...

That is the cutest bear I have ever seen.

pregnancy symptoms said...

That looks so cute and small in the hand.

Thanks for sharing.

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