Blog Makeover Contest & A Signature Won

Happy Monday! It's been a long weekend around the palace - not only does the Princess have some beautiful road rash, but now she's sick. I'm going to change her name from Princess of Everything to Princess of Sick A Lot. This is ridiculous.

I have been really focused on blog designs lately. Maybe it was the same boring bright pink layout I had since the inception of my blog a couple of years ago. Or the fact that I cannot get it together enough to program a new design. I don't know. I just know I hate my blog design - and I've spent hours looking for a new design. Even though I used an ultra simple design from The Cutest Blogs on the Block, it isn't what I want. During my research, I found Custom Blog Designs.

I am absolutely thrilled - and very thankful - to be Diana's Visitor of the Week on her blog, Custom Blog Designs. WOOT! I had asked her about creative a signature for me - and a signature is my prize. How cool is that?!

I just love Diana and the work she does - she is totally worth checking out if you are looking for a blog make over. She is fast, easy to talk to/work with, and tries hard to make her clients happy.
She made my button in just a couple of hours - and her prices are seriously low. Check her out before she realizes she doesn't charge enough!

I'm wondering what is up with the fun little contest I announced a couple of days ago. No one has an idea? No one is going to be bold enough to enter? That isn't like you guys! Show me who has the biggest cajones and be the first to enter. I'll even give you guys a another portion of the picture to help you out. Yep, it's a hard one - but it's only Monday. Brain fry hasn't had time to set in yet! So here is picture 2:
Any guesses?

One final note: Punky Monkey is having a contest for a full blog makeover. The makeover will be done by Sara of Subjective Beauty. Sara did the Punky Monkey makeover - and the blog layout is now way too cute! It's amazing what all is being offered in this makeover - so anyone wanting to win, go over and enter. NOW. I've looked though some of Sara's designs and have one thing to say - she's GOOD. A blog makeover by Sara would be a great win!

And don't forget to enter March's Woot Loot.

6 Royal Responses:

Ismail N said...

Cool makeover. I must say that your blog look better than ever. Keep up the good work.

Ismail N

twinklescrapbooks said...

Love your blog!
Um, my only guess would be tearing or distressing technique??? I am not fully awake yet. :)

ahlock said...

Hi there! I've given you an award. Please click:

One Creative Queen said...

Awww You guys are the best!! I don't know what I would do without my awesome readers! I was having the worst day before I logged on and found these wonderful comments - made by absolutely incredible people!

Twinks (may I call you that? Of couse I can - it's my blog lol) - you are REALLY close. And so far the only participant. Hmmm what does that mean?!

And ahlock - THANK YOU!! This is my first award - and I'm so grateful to you. *hugs* You've made my whole week!


sweetsue said...

That is a cute button. I added it to my blog!

One Creative Queen said...

Thank you so much, sweetsue! You've made my whole day :)


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