A New Obsession & An Abstract

I have fallen victim to a new obsession. This is SO fun. SO cheap. SO easy. Did I mention it's fun??

I wish I had known about this idea before I did my project for the Technique Book Swap - this would have been absolutely perfect - not to mention way easier and much less expensive! Even tho I've been playing around with it, I'm not quite ready to show anyone yet. I can't wait to introduce it to you...so I'm going to give you a quick preview - and invite you to play a game at the same time. (Can you tell it's like the 493rd Saturday night I've spent at home, "alone" with the kids??)

Leave a comment with your guess. Guess what it's made of and/or what I used to get this far. (What "tool(s)" I could have used.) The winner only wins some link love - the first person to correctly guess what it is will get a link to their site predominantly displayed at the top of the post announcing the winner. How's that? Ah, come on - this is your chance! Mask a little shameless self-promotion under the guise of playing a game!

I'll leave you in unknowing agony until Tuesday morning, March 10th. (I picked that date only because I don't think I can keep my mouth shut any longer than that.) Since this isn't an actual contest or giveaway, there aren't any strict rules. If I haven't yet posted the winner, that means you still have time to guess. Good luck...

Now, what could this possibly be?

HINT #1: It's a new-to-me art technique - never before mentioned on my blog.
HINT #2: It is sitting on a black moleskin book - so the black you see isn't part of the technique. :)
I also wanted to quickly share a little watercolor abstract I did while the Princess worked on some art.

It's incredibly hard to see, but all the brush strokes are spiral swirls. It's painted on cardstock. To emphasize each colored swirl, I used this kids iradescent glitter "paint stuff" (technical term) and used a spiral motion stroke with the brush. It's much easier to see the sprial swirls in person...the Princess liked it so much that she put it in a frame. lol (The one and only time she was easily impressed.) The low lights, combined with the frame glass, may be obstructing the view a bit.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend & do something

** EDIT ** I had originally posted this little "contest" would end this morning. (Maybe "game" is a better term?) Since sweet Tina, from Yes, That's My Child Screaming is the only one who answered so far, I'm wrapping my head in duct tape (in an attempt to keep my mouth shut), and extending the date. WOOT! You now have until FRIDAY THE 13TH (Muwahahahaha) to guess. Still no big prize, sorry - but you'll get the link love - and good karma! :)

3 Royal Responses:

twinklescrapbooks said...

Tearing or distressing technique? Can't wait to find out. :)

Laura Kay said...

melted plastic

new technology articles said...

Awesomely Brilliant.

Thanks for sharing.

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