120 Pieces of Art

*NOTE: This post was started February 19 and completed today, March 02*

"Where has the Queen been?" You probably haven't been asking yourself lately. If you have been, thank you - and I'll put you down for the Tupperware in my will.

I have spent the last week in some parallel universe, where only 4"x4" pieces of art and childebeasts suffering from the stomach flu matter. The good news? I think I may finally be finished with the less-than-royal jobs a mom is blessed with when her offspring has a gastrointestinal bug. And my little works of love went Postal today. Huzzah!

I am dying to show you what I created for the swap. Before I do, I'll give you a quick run-down of the swap rules. It's being hosted by the Art Techniques group (fabulous group!), and this crazy lady named Margie is acting as hostess. She is well aware that I think she's totally nuts - you would have to be to organize 120 swap participants! (Margie, if you see this - you're certifiable, totally - but I love ya!)

120 participants means I had to make 120 4"x4" pieces of art. BUT...the swap focuses on a technique using recycled materials - so the pieces didn't have to be finished. Instead, the pages just need to demonstrate a technique.

I chose a technique originally created by Jeni Calkins, who runs Studio Jeni, OPALS/Fantasy Film Stained Glass Paper. Left over/scraps of Fantasy Film are pieced together, sprinkled by Franklin Opals, then heated with an iron. It makes this beautiful, translucent paper you can use for all sorts of things. You can see a fabulous tutorial by Linda Hanson, owner of After Midnight Stamps, on You Tube.

Here is an sample of my pages, for your viewing pleasure.
The top two are the OPALS/Fantasy Film Stained Glass Paper, the bottom is the back of one of the swap pages.

The swap was a lot of fun - but I have to admit...after making 120 pages of this stuff, I'm not in any hurry to make more!

5 Royal Responses:

Shadows of the goddess designs said...

I dont see how in the world you did all of those And with a sick child !

twinklescrapbooks said...

So pretty! :)

One Creative Queen said...

No, no...with THREE sick kids! That would be why they call me the "Queen"...Bahahaha

Thanks for the comments, you guys! :)


Anonymous said...

Queen...I wanted to write you last week to wish your health well...time simply got away from me! I am so glad everyone is better now! Last spring, we had me, my husband, my two kids, his 20 year old, his 22 year old and her 2 year old daughter living with us (22 year old was having problems with bf...they are now back together.) Anyway, the 2 year old came down with a stomach bug. Before you knew it...the 22 year old had it..then the 20 year old, then my husband, then my kids, respectively...it was simply awful! Every time I turned around, someone was spewing something from their mouth! it was so terrible and nightmarish. And yes, I got it too...(of course, the last one!). so, I totally feel for you last week...and again....I am so glad that everyone is okay now :]

One Creative Queen said...

You are the sweetest thing - thank you so much for your kind wishes/words! I can't imagine living with that many people, first of all - and secondly, everyone getting sick like that. OMG! I'm surprised you have hair left! lol

I'm glad you made it through - you don't have true empathy for someone else going through it unless you've been there yourself!

Katherine :)

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