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There have been some good things happening in my favorite magazine lately. Cloth Paper Scissors is the mag for mixed media artists - all sorts of cool articles, techniques, and ads fill the glossy pages. It is a bi-monthly publication and I admit, I can't get enough. I look forward to receiving my subscription - and when the wondrous magazine arrives, safely packaged in its plastic bag, I set it aside to read after the beasts have gone to bed.

I sink into Cloth Paper Scissors, devouring every word, every picture. I carefully turn the heavy pages, eager as a child opening birthday presents to see what the next page holds. I connect with many of the artists - and I absorb their techniques and work with the wonder of seeing snow for the first time. I love everything about Cloth Paper Scissors. (I just wish it was published more often - but doesn't every addict crave more?)

I have been meaning to post a "congratulations" of sorts to a dear woman I've written about before, Sharon Tomlinson. Sharon is an amazing artist. I would even go so far as to call her p-h-e-n-o-m-e-n-a-l. She has a blog where you can check out her work, All Norah'S Art. It is SO worth a visit - you will not be disappointed, I promise! She just posted about the most fabulous group of creations - they are simply delectable.

Ok. I'll stop gushing - as long as you promise to check out her site. If you don't, I know people. lol
I meant to congratulate her for being published in Cloth Paper Scissors (Jan/Feb '09) - and you just have to check out two of her pieces that were featured in her article. They are simply...yummy! Remember, she does a lot of work with napkins.
Isn't that beautiful? And here is the second piece...
Sharon is so talented she makes me feel totally inadequate. I love and adore everything she does - and my goal is to own (at least) one of her dreamy pieces. She has recently been published in Somerset Apprentice, a new publication. I'm sure that one will be heavenly as well - I know the work Sharon had published is just awesome! Onto something funny...every month, CPS ask readers a question. I never answer them, frankly because I just don't remember. Well, I remembered a few months ago - and sent in my answer. The question asked how you substituted when you didn't have exactly what you needed. So I'm paging through this issue of CPS: and I came to the page where the answers are listed. I was SHOCKED to find this: I blocked out my last name to avoid the hoards of admirers showing up on my door, en force. The complex I live in just can't handle a traffic jam - especially since everything is still torn up from the water district replacing all the pipes. Even though my goal for the year is to be published, I must admit it's odd to see your name in print. Especially in a magazine you treasure as much as I adore CPS. It made me smile - and reading my goofiness in print confirmed that, indeed,

PS - Did you check out how cute those paint tube dolls are on the cover of CPS? I love 'em!

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