The Kindness of Others

I have heard people talking about creating with napkins for several years. I've looked at all the local stores for decorative napkins I could use to make some delicious art with. I was surprised that I couldn't find any - well, I couldn't find any that didn't say "Happy Birthday" or "25th Anniversary". Bummed, I had all but given up on creating with napkins.

A couple of weeks ago, while jumping from one artist's site to another, I came across a beautiful blog by Sharon Tomlinson,
All Norah'S Art. As soon as I saw the header I knew this was going to be a good blog. I just had no idea how good!

Sharon is an amazing artist. No, I don't mean she's good and you might enjoy her work. I mean she is SO good you need to go check out her site right this minute. I have no doubt you will "
oooh" and "aaah" your way through her blog, just like I did.

Her work is beautiful. Breathtaking. It has a wonderful surreal quality to it. The faces and people she draws have a quality about them I can't describe, I only know they draw you in...and won't let you go. Her pieces creep into your mind - without you realizing it -and take up residency. I get lost in her work, studying each line and making up pasts for her creations. Yes, Sharon Tomlinson is
that good. I know she has been published in at least Somerset Studio and Cloth Paper Scissors. I'm sure there are probably more, but I don't know about them. And I know she has a fantastic Etsy store, All Norah'S Art.

(I haven't posted pictures of her work because I haven't had a chance to ask her permission. If you haven't gone over there and checked out her work yet, go ahead. I'll wait. Seriously. Well, wait a minute. Once you go over there I have no doubt I'll lose maybe you should wait and finish the post,
then go over there. Yeah.)

I need to stop gushing and get on with the point.

So I'm literally gawking at all her wonderfulness, mesmerized by her talent, when something catches my eye.
She creates with napkins! Rather, I should say, she uses napkins in her paintings. Adorning many of her incredible paintings are napkin bits. It was like the heavens opened up and...ok, I'm being a little dramatic. It was like, on some cosmic level, I immediately connected with her. Her beautiful work stunned me - and I was floored to find she actually uses napkins. Napkins. Can you believe it?! I emailed her, asking where she would suggest I find napkins similar to what she uses. She mentioned Tuesday Morning - but the only one I know of around here is gone. And without knowing me, she offered to send me some. Wow! I hadn't contacted her so she could send me something, I swear. And holy crown - the napkins she sent are just lovely - a beautiful array of different napkins. Look!
She also sent along a sheet of music that looks like it came from a foreign hymnal. One of our trusty kittens, Noodles, is keeping watch.
(Can you believe how big the kitten is? She and her sister are bigger than Mom now...and are the only two we kept. So I currently have 4 of the 398 kittens I'll need in order to become the creepy, old, lonely cat lady who sits in her rocking chair and drools.)

I'm so inspired. Receiving such a wonderful package from Sharon really got me going. My mind immediately began spinning as soon as I pulled the napkins from the glassine envelope she had carefully enclosed them in. As I ran my fingers over each napkin, thoughts jumped out of my mind. (Good thing I put them back in - I can't afford to lose any thoughts!) I have so many ideas of things I can do with these...and I have Sharon to thank. Not only is she an amazing artist, she is incredibly kind to share her stash with a complete stranger.

Sharon Tomlinson is definitely someone to aspire to be like!

8 Royal Responses:

Sharon said...

Thank you for giving me such blog love. Problem is, my head gets way big and I'll never get my old hat back on. I love that inspiration thing that happens when you first see something. It is the best. And can't wait to see what you do with the napkins.

Shadows of the goddess designs said...

what an awesome surprise.. I will have to drop by her blog today !

One Creative Queen said...

Sharon - You totally deserve blog love! I am just giddy about the napkins and can't wait to use them. I'll let you know when the "masterpiece" is ready! lol

Shadows - You will not be disappointed. She is one cool woman, if it isn't obvious already!

I appreciate you both commenting on my blog. :)

Gayle said...

You were right, I love looking through Sharon's blog. I get my napkins at a party supply store. They have gorgeous colors and prints...Gayle

One Creative Queen said...

Isn't she just the coolest? Her art is absolutely amazing - on my best day, I can't paint like she can - with a blindfold on!

Thanks for letting me know where you get your napkins - I don't know why I haven't been able to find them around here. Do I live in the napkinless capital or something??

Thanks for the comment!

Jo Hoffacker said...

Wow, that is neat! And I love how your kitty guards things for you. My bulldog does the same thing. :)

One Creative Queen said...

Hey Jo - Thanks for visiting! I love getting things like this in the mail - but then again, I also love surprising people with a little "blog love" as well. :) Sharon is the nicest person ever - and I still can't believe she was so generous. To some strange chick emailing her out of the blue!

Animals are funny...this is one of the kittens our "spayed" cat (cough, cough) had last summer...and nothing gets by him! :) I'm glad to hear your bulldog is "on duty" as well...keeps things safer for you, ya know? lol


drooping eyelid said...

Cute Kitty!!!!!......

Awesome Creations..

I liked them all./

Thanks for sharing.

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