$50 Gift Certificate Photofiddle.com Winner

I love announcing winners of contests - and I'm especially excited about announcing the winner of this contest. If you recall, Photofiddle.com was kind enough to give one of my rockin' readers a FIFTY dollar gift certificate. How cool and generous is that??
The winner is... #13
Staci, I sent you an email notifying you of winning. Hurry and get back to me so we can get you the gift certificate. I have no doubt whatsoever you will be thrilled with whatever you pick out - they do incredible work. Absolutely the best! And for everyone else, Photofiddle.com continues to offer my readers a 15% discount, just type in the code queen15 to take advantage of the savings. This was a fun contest, although I wish more of you guys would have entered. You don't know what you're missing out on - but Staci will soon be able to tell you! Enjoy, Staci - and congratulations! xo

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Staci said...

Thanks so much! I sent you an e-mail back!

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