Brriinng! It's Hallmark on the Phone

Awhile ago, Hallmark cards held a contest requesting people send in a picture and a funny phrase to go along with the picture. The card had to be pertinent to "Happy Birthday" - but that was pretty much the only rule. So I sent in this:
I totally forget what I ended up writing on the inside - I changed it several times before finally submitting it. I went on doing what I needed to do, pushing the contest out of my mind.

I was shocked - stunned, I tell ya - when the phone rang and it was Hallmark. Seems my card made won! Can you believe that?! I think the two women who called to notify me thought I had lost my mind. I was more than a little convinced I was being "Punk'd".

I have signed the releases and sent off the legal forms. What does this mean? Well, I won a cash prize of $250...and the card will be printed and placed in Hallmark stores across the country. It should even be available online! I'm so excited!

Right now they are calling the winners of this round "finalists". I feel like I've already won - but there is more. If my card is the best seller this summer, I will win $2,500 and it will become a permanent card in their humor collection. Now, I ask cool is that?!

So, my dear and loyal readers, I have an official assignment for you in the coming months. I need for you all to buy this card - whether you do it online or in a Hallmark store. Stock up on them. Have your friends and family buy them. Hold contests for them. Just get your hands on them any way you can! Since I haven't had a car for awhile now - and it is more than a serious hindrance for a single mom to be on foot! - $2,500 could go, very, very, very purchasing a royal carriage. Besides, it would be awesome to have this card as part of Hallmark's permanent humor collection!

I will update when Hallmark gets a little further into this - right now I think the cards will be available online in March and arriving in stores June 22. I'm still shocked and waiting for Ashton to jump out from behind a stack of craft supplies! If he doesn't, and this is for real, keep an eye out for these. I will definitely run a HUGE giveaway to coincide with this event. I don't know what it will be yet - but I promise it will be big. xo

10 Royal Responses:

Janet Campbell said...

Wow! That is fantastic! A really BIG deal! Congratulations!
I hope it is a best seller for you. The picture is great. Wish you could remember the caption!
God Bless

twinklescrapbooks said...

Congratulations!! I'll look for it next time I am in Hallmark! I added you to my faves list. :)

Youvegotmaille said...

That is too cool!! I thought about writing greeting cards once but... well, I didn't :)

Thanks for your nice comments about my blog, I think I will blogroll yours because it's extremely cool!

noreen said...

congrats, that is so cool.

One Creative Queen said...

Aww Thanks, girls! I really appreciate the comments. :) When I can remember what it says, I'll post. Maybe I'll wait til I can get my hands on the card and post that.

This is SO fun!

Thanks again! {{{}}}

Anonymous said...

That is so cool - well done.
(It is a great picture :) )

Landscapeideas Team said...

hehehe...nice & creative...hope the boys' neck is ok!
like to invite you to my blog..
like to see you comments on my type of art..thanks!!

Deronda designs... said...

Yippee! Keep us updated...looks like such a fun card.

Sinclair said...

Congratulations! That is very exciting. I will be happy to purchase to make it a best seller.

Vintage Confections said...

Thank you for your very nice comment on my blog! And I will be sure to look for this card. Congratulations!!!

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