Woot Loot is Coming!

Watch this space for the next Woot Loot announcement...Coming very soon!

While you wait, I want to tell you about Ning. If you aren't familiar with Ning, it's a social networking site. You can learn more about Ning in general, here.

I belong to Fiber Arts/Mixed Media andenjoy it. You must join and be accepted, but that isn't anymore difficult than joining a Yahoo group.

If fiber or mixed media art isn't your thing, there is most likely another group on Ning you'll find interesting. It's easy to search for the topics you're interested in - and if there isn't a group already, start your own.

And if you aren't interested in that, there is always Post Secret or The Smoking Gun to keep you entertained while you wait. What?! You don't want to check out those, either? Then how about heading over to 43 Things and seeing the goals people have. You can even see how many people share your goals.

If none of those things shine your crown, there is always one more site you can check out. But shhh! This hasn't been made public yet - so we need to keep it on the down low for now. (The problems of having a big mouth!) Quietly hop over to The Crafty Queen and let me know what you think of the place. It's very basic and there isn't anything of value up yet...but I would love to hear your opinions on the name and layout. (Yes, I know the design royally sucks - but I'm working on that.) Please leave me a comment if you do check it out. More information will follow shortly.

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