Tick-Tock, Change Yo' Clock!

(Don't you think a coo-coo clock is most appropriate for this site??)

beep beep beep beep beep


For those who live State side - and aren't in Arizona...

Don't forget to move your clocks FORWARD an hour...or you may just find yourself in a pickle.
Trust me. I've been in a pickle a time or two.
So get with the times - and change your clock already!
And if you get confused on which way to move your hands, here is a little phrase to help you remember:
Make sense? I hope so...because it's time for me to go.
Yep, thats the end of the bad puns for the day.

6 Royal Responses:

Dorothy said...

I did it we remembered to change our clocks...Tnanks

Dorothy from grammology

Rannyjean said...

Lucky for me today is Sunday. I forgot (having recently moved from Arizona) that these things happen twice a year! Thanks for the update!

Anonymous said...

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The Shark Tank said...

Don't be ALARMED if you forget...

Duni said...

Well that's strange...we adjust our clocks on 29th March!

One Creative Queen said...

"Alarming"...{groan} That was GREAT!! My TIMING must've been off - I SNOOZED on that one!

This is getting way out of hand - TIME to stop. Seriously. Before someone kills me. lol

Thanks for the comments - I'm glad I could help. No, I'm really glad someone just listened to me - I'm not used to that happening! :)

Duni - I used to work for a UK company - and I was always screwed up twice a year. The time change would get me every time - and just when I would get used to the increase/decrease in time, poof! All would be goofy with the world again - and we'd all be back to the same time difference.

My brain is not wired to accommodate that. lol

Hugs to you all!

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