Tyvek Experiments

I was busy playing with some Tyvek and thought I would show you what I came up with.

After painting, before using the heat gun:
After using the heat gun:
Interesting stuff to play with! I've got lots more I want to do with it - when I have some time, I'm going to pull it out to play again.

2 Royal Responses:

Gayle said...

Tyvek looks fun to play around with especially for a mixed media artist. Isn't Tyvek a plastic sheeting used in building of homes? I think we used some of this when we built our house. Am I right?

Fun stuff like this is what you get when you play. Keep up the good work.

One Creative Queen said...

Hey Gayle! :) I'm so glad you dropped by and I appreciate you leaving a comment.

You're right - Tyvek is used for that. It's also used in those seemingly indestructable envelopes the Post Office uses. It's really fun to play with - right now I have some lying down as my "catch" paper under some Lutradur. Everything permeates the Lutradur - so I'm winding up with a wild piece of Tyvek...with no work!

I still adore your work - it's just stunning!


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