Bad EC, BAD!

I'm sorry to those I usually drop on, but didn't get to yesterday. (It was one of those many of my days...and when I tried to drop, all my cards kept saying "Thank You" - like I'd already dropped. sigh) I returned to my normal drop mode today - and was really upset to read
this post.

According to Laane, an EC user planted a bug on the computers of people who visited their site to drop. This totally sucks. I have no idea who did it - or what site it is - and I'm apparently the only one who doesn't know. Since I didn't do many drops yesterday, I was out of the EC loop. (Then again, I'm not ever really "in" the EC "loop". Do I need to apply for that? Or did someone already decide not to let me in?)

I've always thought of EC users as a kind of "family". It takes a lot of time and dedication to drop - especially if you're dropping a couple hundred cards every day - so why would someone be vindictive enough to hurt the other members? Laane's post says:

I feel hurt by someone who plays games with other people. Someone suggested it's adware and the firm tries to make people to buy a scanner for 30 dollars to remove the bug. Well, I don't hasve 30 dollars at the moment, so they won't succeed anyway. And I don't like blackmailbugs.
She goes on to say she's not going to use EC on the laptop she's having to use until her regular computer is fixed. I don't blame her - but I feel badly she has to deal with all this.

If an EC member is doing this, they need to be disciplined
Does anyone know how many others are involved? I know at least one of you has to have the skinny on this - and even though I tend to drop on the same people every day, and I trust those people - now I'm kind of afraid to drop. I haven't read anything else about this on any other blog...have you?

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One Creative Queen said...

I didn't hear about it and will check the forums to see if there is any buzz. It didn't hit me---this time around! I have encountered bad, bad viruses and malware and hijacking through blogs I found through EC. I report them when I can, I send a note to the blogger if I can figure out who and where (actually, I've been told the blogger often doesn't know their blog was hijacked!) and keep my protection up to date--then scan often. But you never know....

One Creative Queen said...

I had no idea about that! I'm going to just stick with the blogs I usually visit - and keep my fingers crossed. I appreciate you commenting with your thoughts! :)

One Creative Queen said...

I had no idea about this either! I will be careful,. thank you for writing about this and stay safe! :)

Lidian from Kitchen Retro (

One Creative Queen said...

OMG. I wasn't aware of this either! That sucks.
Recently I find I can't drop on some blogs (it doesn't say drop on the bar), but it's all random. Also, I try to avoid the category 'internet marketing', because my computer picked up a virus from there...

hope this gets solved soon!


One Creative Queen said...

this is the first I've heard of it.

One Creative Queen said...

I just got in the last week two or three times the message that i shall update and download immediately Adobe Flash player.
The funny thing is i have already the newest version of it from their official page.
The problem was that it popped up immediately as "Save file". I guess some will really installed the file. Don't know what happened to them.

I can only say don't install this kind of pop-up downloads. Go directly to Adobe and check there for the download!

One Creative Queen said...

WOW! I hadn't heard this and it's quite distressful. I all ready have one computer infected by spyware and I don't even do EC on that computer. This one I have protection on so don't tend to worry. I do know one particular site that keeps trying to download a plugin, but I get a warning and click cancel before clicking on their EC.

One Creative Queen said...

Hmm. I haven't heard about this either, but i did notice a few blogs yesterday said Thank you before I'd dropped on them. Does that mean that they are effected I wonder. Who would do such a sleazy thing I wonder. :(

One Creative Queen said...

I haven't come across this yet. I hope I don't and feel sorry for those who have. Laane is such a sweet girl, too. too bad it happened to her :( I just occassionally come across a blog that dropped on me (so it comes up on my toolbar whether I like it or not) that will open lots of popups. I report them when this happens.

You know, why would someone want to hurt other computers when they are taking the time to drop on thier blog? It makes no sense to me.

One Creative Queen said...

@ Lidian - You be careful as well. I thought this was something only I was in the dark about...apparently not.

@ Duni - I have been getting the same thing lately with the EC widgets. I don't know what's up with EC - I was hoping it would get better once Graham sold it...but it isn't. It's frustrating!

One Creative Queen said...

@ Stacie's Madness: I'm glad to know I wasn't the only one who didn't know!

@ Corneyman: I agree - don't install anything you didn't initiate. If something tries to install itself, check with the official website before allowing it.

It's just so disappointing that other EC members would do this.

One Creative Queen said...

@ Lynne: I'd report that site. The rules for EC are no pop ups, no music, etc. I usually don't report anyone for things - but when it's a blatant violation, I do now. I don't want one of the morons that can't follow simple rules to have the opportunity to install garbage on my blog.

@ Lenox Knits: I had that exact same problem! A bunch of blogs said "thank you" yesterday - it was weird.

@ Lisa: Keep reporting them. That's all I know to do. It stinks that some people will do that to others - especially when the "dropper" is trying to do something nice for the "dropee".

One Creative Queen said...

I suppose it is a good thing that I haven't had the time or energy to do very many entrecard drops besides some of my absolute favorite blogs! It is too bad that some people spend so much time and energy on negative and destructive things. If they would spend that on something positive, just thing how much better this world would be.

One Creative Queen said...

@ Split Rock Ranch: You summed it up perfectly! I'm going to stop worrying about dropping so much and adapt your principle of only visiting my very favorite blogs. It just isn't worth it - especially after hearing this.

One Creative Queen said...

I got this virus the other day. It is very difficult to get rid of. It took me 5 hours solid and I am no novice. My computer locked up, so I do not know which site on entrecard is distributing this virus. All I can say is DO NOT BUY THE PRODUCT THEY SUGGEST. You will be giving an unknown virus company your credit card info. They really make the software look like official microsoft software, but it is not!

To get rid of the bug your virus software has to quarantine the virus files. The virus uninstall does not work, so you have to manually delete the files in your Programs folder and then uninstall it in the ControlPane/Add Remove Programs area.

You will need a very current antivirus software. The one I was using was not good enough to catch this virus. I downloaded a free trial of McAfee. Then I scanned my whole computer, quarantined the files, and only then could I delete the program. Wow this really sucked!

One Creative Queen said...

I almost forgot...
This virus takes control of your web browser. Hopefully your computer has at least 2 browsers on it, such as IE and Firefox.
I acquired the virus using Internet Explorer and the browser was locked up unless I bought their bogus software. So I had to use Firefox to get the McAfee download and fix the problem. The virus had less control of Firefox.
I am sure you can use other antivirus software than McAfee, but just be aware of the url you are at if you decide to purchase something. Only go to or another trusted site.

One Creative Queen said...

Great Scott, I've been dropping like a banshee because I was on ec for a long time and came back a month or so ago and I've been working on racking up points to buy ads. My way is that I always drop from my inbox first so as to be dropping reciprocally to those kind enough to drop on me, and of course I have my favorites. Then as I do this I "cross drop" dropping laterally so to speak, dropping on your advertiser and theirs and so on, kind of using the "Six Degrees Of Kevin Bacon" school of dropping. If an ad is on one of the sites I love and it looks good, I've found another wonderful site to both drop on and explore. I never "Power Drop" because I actually like to look at the sites and read things that look interesting and really enjoy the photography, and you can drop pretty quickly using the ec toolbar which I love. I do all of my dropping from that.

So, I work hard, like all of you do, to drop on sites that I feel are friends, old and new, and like you Katherine, I see ec as a family, but then I mainly drop in more personal categories, not the techies etc. I have not seen what you are talking about but I appreciate knowing and now I'll be aware of it. It, too, make me sad because I naively thought that ec was a safe place to be. I guess there's bad apples in every barrel, but other than being a "barrel full of monkeys" :-P I thought this barrel was pretty safe.

I would like to say, since someone brought it up, that I'm surprised by how many people have added that toolbar at the bottom that has a pop up note every time you enter. And some of these are long time ec'er's whose blogs I love but I cringe when I see those. I hate pop-ups, and I especially hate those things where you click on the ec ad and it is first covered by a full page ad you have to figure out how to close so you can get to the real site. A couple of times I thought I was really ON the site and spent useless time scanning for the ec widget until I thought my eyeballs would fall out. *DONT_KNOW* I must say that I am pleased that so many sites have stopped with the music. Some still have it, but it is so distracting and music is such a subjective thing. The music one person puts on their site because they love it and assume others will will quickly drive people away and they will lose droppers/readers.

Ah well. Somebody tell me to shut up already. Talk about "loose lips sink ships." I hope this post stays afloat. I think... O:-)

Hugs and Blessings to all, and I love your blog Katherine.


One Creative Queen said...

WOW. I can't even begin to imagine. I am so sorry this happened to you - that sounds awful. I'm glad you finally figured out how to get rid of it - and that you were smart enough to get it done. I would have been lost! I have McAfee and it works well - it's good that it worked in your situation. I'm so sorry - I hope the person responsible really gets popped by karma.

One Creative Queen said...

Awww {{{Matri}}} I think everything you said is right on - I couldn't agree more. That is exactly how I used to drop - from my inbox, wanting to reciprocate the kindness. Then I got tired of people dropping on me who 1) I knew would never be interested in my blog, and it just got to be a "drop on me I'll drop on you" kind of thing (where I wasn't interested in their blog, either)...and 2) I got tired of looking for the widget - when half the time, they didn't even have the widget in stalled.

Reality over at brought up the widget issue in the post I've linked to. There are a lot of problems with EC lately - and I truly don't understand why they haven't been fixed. This new company has taken EC on "to make it better" - but honestly, I don't see much progress. Oh, unless you count this new affiliate widget they've come up with - that just takes up more "free" space on your blog. (That is covered on Reality's blog, as well. Look under today's post.)

I really appreciate your kind words, Matri - I enjoy your blogs as well, which is why I continue to drop on them. I'm done dropping on blogs that hold no interest to me - and I don't mean that rudely to anyone...not at all. I just feel that it's important to read what others discuss on their blogs - which is why I stick to the ones I do. I'm with you - I actually read the post and look around the blog when I drop. I don't just drop and run.

Those pop ups certainly need to go - as does the music, etc. I do a lot of my dropping while my kids are asleep (otherwise I wouldn't be able to read a thing!) - and when a blog starts this loud, jolting music - and it's 2 am here - it really annoys me. I won't drop on that blog again. You're right on with your perception about music being subjective. :)

It was nice to read your comments and I'm glad you got involved in the conversation. It's interesting to hear the views of others - especially when I respect that person. Your blogs are wonderful, I enjoy visiting/reading them - and I will continue to visit.

I hope the majority of ECers feel like we do - about being a family - and I think they do. I think it's a few "bad apples" - or at least I hope that's the case.

One Creative Queen said...

I've had some instances on EC and Adgitize when I click on a blog, the page re-directs, starts loading something and takes over my browser so I've had to completely turn the computer off and restart. Twice I had to do a system restore. In any case now, I only drop on blogs I know and I no longer use the tool bar to drop back on blogs that have dropped on me. It's terrible that people do these things especially when we are all one friendly community on EC.

One Creative Queen said...

SIGHHHHH. Another virus at EC?? :-p This is getting pretty crappy. I can only *hope* I haven't gotten anything. Like Cornyman, I saw that Adobe F;ash download, and it looked mighty suspicious to me... but I was in a hurry and didn't look closely. I didn't download it. Still, that's pretty nasty.

Have you-- or anyone-- been able to pinpoint the blogs that are spreading this stuff? How do the blogs get infected, I wonder?? It's all a mystery, and you'd think the geeks would have an informative post about it... I'm baffled but I'd like to know more.

One Creative Queen said...

I'm not sure that it's actually an entrecard person doing this. I think it's more likely that someone has targeted ec as a way to get a lot of trusting people. If a good site is hacked, then everyone who visits that site is infected - while the site owner doesn't know what is going on!

I've also gotten a lot of widgets saying "thanks" when I go to drop on them, but I am still able to drop.

And I'm with you on the music and popups! I like to listen to podcasts while I'm dropping, and it's very annoying to have someone's music interrupt. I typically open 10-20 blogs at a time so that they can load in the background while I'm reading, and it's annoying to have to close a whole bunch out to get the music to stop because I don't know which site it's coming from!

Thanks for this conversation - I hope there is a resolution to this bug problem soon!

One Creative Queen said...

Queen Katherine you hit it in the head with a sledgehammer.
now how do we get Entrecard to understand it ?
they are so intent on making money for thin air that they've ignored the messaging system warning them of these types of errors. *DONT_KNOW*

Why is the real question - but I think the answer is they've come down with a severe case of landonitis. "lets just shake it for all it's worth and forget the outcome".. :'(


I can tell you that I saw the problem - switched to Chrome as my browser and have pretty much avoided the problem. I did see the thanks on the widgets, but I dumped my cache; cleaned up cookies; and then ran Spy Sweeper; followed by Ad Aware; finally Malware Anti Malware Software and the Big Three as I call them - cleaned it right up.

it's become a weekly ritual if I want to drop back. sadly.
this is why I'm so considering just totally saying goodbye Entrecard.
two computers infected are not worth it. I spend alot of time working on my machines - because I am a trained certified tech; I can fix stuff.
but I think other members should consider what this is worth to them.

as a rule I am now totally avoiding any websites that I Don't Know As Friends - and that are SEO, Clickfarmers or have Anything that seems too closely linked to Making Money from the Internet - Those Are The Culprits from All My Previous Entrecard Virus Infections.

Okay Queenie - Tomorrows Post is About What to Avoid on Entrecard, and no doubt somebody will attack me for pointing them out as a possible source of this problem,. 8-)

but SO FRICKEN What. I serve My Queen and I'm Goin For It Your Majesty - :-D

One Creative Queen said...

Luckily I have fallen behind this week with dropping--what else is new--but the last time I did drop (last weekend I think) Avast blocked several trojans. The problem is I had several blogs opening at once so I don't know which blog was the culprit. I just decided when I restarted not to go back to any of them to be safe. I've also had people whose blogs have those PayPopUp Ads that freeze up my entire computer. Those worry me because I'm scared the reason it is freezing up is it's installing something bad. My computer is only a few months old. I would hate to lose it just for EC.

One Creative Queen said...

I am really scared now after reading all of the comments here. I have had strange things happen as well and wondered if EC could be the culprit. I have been in the habit of dropping on my inbox too to return the drop and in those are the ones that I find the crazy things happen. I guess I'm going to have to much more selective on drops. What to do....what to do?

One Creative Queen said...

I had no idea about this. What exactly does the bug do? I keep finding cards/sites out here that try to redirect you to other sites advertising something when you drop. I just click them off quickly.

Yes, dropping cards can be dangerous, especially with all the new members that join daily. You never know which are just regular, innocent bloggers and which are on here with bad intentions.

One Creative Queen said...

Yes, this is exactly what I was talking about on my blog...I still have it, and I am going to try what shirtsorstickers suggested...because my anti virus program tells me that firefox is infected, but doesn't fix it?? And the spybot doesn't even detect it??

Thank you for leaving me the comment to come read this, I come here anyway, but I appreciate you letting me know.

Wish me luck!!

One Creative Queen said...

I stopped using EC many months ago, but I was constantly getting virus warnings from sites I was dropping at. I had forgotten about that until you just mentioned this. I certainly don't miss that!

One Creative Queen said...

I had a problem after my drops on Monday night and couldn't use any search engines or login to my blogger account. Virus scanners found nothing but Spybot found the nasty!! It was picked up in my dropping session.
I too was hurt that someone in the EC community was so nasty and caused my two days of work trying to get it off my PC.

The Fitness Diva said...

I don't know what the skinny is...unless we're talking about weight loss, of course! ;), but I do know that I'm getting sent to a ton of funky sites lately (and not the 'good' funky, either!)
that direct me to other pages or try to download some application onto my comp. I click these off quickly, but you also realize that even just dropping on those you know can be a danger.
yes, it was kind of a mess when that other guy ran Entrecard, but who knows what the hell is gonna happen with these new owners?
Guess we'll just have to do a wait and see here.....
In the meantime, I'm just going to try to be as careful as I can when I drop.

LizzyT said...

I think I may have landed on the site with the bug, but don't know which one it was. Luckily my anti-virus software picked it up. It is annoying though that some people are so malicious to do this to other users.

Laane said...

What did I say, or are you citing another Laane?

One Creative Queen said...

Hi Laane - This was the post I was referencing when I wrote my post. If you look at the date of my post, it was written on September 17, 2009. This post you wrote was written on September 16. If you look at the above comments, I left two - and in the second one, I tell you I'm going to talk about this post. I welcomed you to have a look. I think you may have missed the message?

Anyway, this was when EC was driving me nuts. (Or one of the times it was driving me nuts. lol) I hope you aren't just now seeing the post because of what Martin (Cornyman) has posted on his blog. He's bashed some good bloggers - with no proof and for no reason. If that's what brought you to my post, please don't worry. I included a link on my blog to this post on your blog, so people would know what I was talking about. You may want to re-read my post, and click on the link to your post to see what I'm talking about. I think it will make sense then. If not, please leave me another comment and I'll be more than happy to explain further. You didn't say anything bad at all - I was only referencing your post b/c you were having EC issues the same time I was. xx

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