Revisiting Third Grade

Well, hasn't today started out sucky???? Other than to tell you that this is what I woke up to this morning, I'll spare you the gory details.

This will teach me to stay in bed for an afternoon.

My mom still thinks of me as a five year old. I don't mean that she remembers me with pigtails, I mean she literally thinks I am still five.

She still has everything I had or made as a baby or child, at her house. She knows I can't possibly be trusted with these mementos that have absolutely no value - except the sentimental value they have to me. She isn't interested in them - in fact, my stuff has been sitting in boxes (untouched and unopened) for probably 20 years. These aren't precious family heirlooms for goodness sake - they are things like the dog dish I made out of clay in fourth grade.

The childebeasts recently returned from my mother's house with a box. Ok, like ten copier paper sized boxes, most of them containing Christmas stuff she's getting rid of. (She redoes their twenty foot Christmas tree every couple of years - from the garland to the ornaments.) Everything Christmas was lovely (she has great taste) - but one box was really interesting to me. It had a bunch of stuff she decided I was...old enough? responsible enough? have. (This is just my guess, since we don't speak. At all.)

Going through the box was like going through a time machine. I found all sorts of interesting projects I had done as a kid. I had forgotten about most of them...but the memories came flooding back as I unwrapped the newsprint from each object.

It seems I was quite the art diva, even as a child. I'm not saying I was any good - I'm just saying I was evidently into art even when I was a kid. Who knew?

A Christmas ornament painted with flowers; 6th grade

A stained glass train; first grade

A bejeweled birdy; 6th grade

Girl Scout project - "Joy" Apple Ornament; 2nd grade

Clay dish with our dog's name on it (Cinder); 4th grade (I think)

And I saved these for last. They belong on Homemade Hilarity - a blog so worth your perusal! I have no idea what they are or what they could be.

Piece of wood, some sort of pod, fake little flowers poking out the top (that are broken) and...the creme-de-la-creme? A peach pit. Yes. I said a peach pit.

And just in case one whatever-the-hell-it-is wasn't enough, I made a semi-matching set. Apparently taking some artistic liberty, I replaced the peach pit with two sea shells - one upside down - and stabilized with Chinese Jacks, an '80s fave.

Don't know what I was thinking with those last two...but I hope they made you smile!


27 Royal Responses:

One Creative Queen said...

Really neat that you still have all those things from your childhood. My mom and I kept up with mine for many years. But I started accumulating items my kids were making and she started taking more of an interest in what "her grandkids" were stuff went MIA. I don't mind though but it sure would be nice to share with my rugrats :)

One Creative Queen said...

You made that stained glass train in first grade? Wow, you're good and obviously talented. Love the ornament. You were a cool kid. 8-)

One Creative Queen said...

@ Blog Queen: That's a total bummer. My mother is getting rid of everything - even the stuff the childebeasts have done. Weird, eh?

@ Grace: Before you go thinking anything positive about me (lol), the train was made with one of those kits - you know, you put the little stained glass beads/chunks/slivers or whatever you want to call them, into the frame - and stick it in the oven. I remember my brother and I kept spilling the glass pieces - and my mother freaking OUT about it. lol Thanks for the compliments, tho - I'll take 'em where ever I can get 'em!

One Creative Queen said...

You had me until the peach pit thingy. I'd hang onto it for laughs though. And yeah, my mom thinks I'm 5 too. :)

One Creative Queen said...

Don't all Moms think we are 5 in some ways. To be honest I revert a lot when I'm around her so I can't blame her too much for it. How cool to rediscover those gems after all these years. They really show how creative you were even as a child.

One Creative Queen said...

Wow! The bejeweled bird and the little hand-drawn ornament are quite beautiful. Those last two . . . well, I did smile. ;)

One Creative Queen said...

I just hate it when my sink is overflowing with dishes :( Those are some great art projects... don't you just love the memories they bring back.... as for the last two.... I dunno... maybe you could sell them on

A Lil Enchanted,

One Creative Queen said...

How much for the whatever-the-hell-it-is?

One Creative Queen said...

You made lovely stuff, except for those last two of course, but even those were better than the stuff I made. None of my stuff was saved except for the ashtrays. My daughter came home with her homemade ashtray the other day, they are no longer called ashtrays but paperclip holders. Times have changed. Oh, and my dog was named Cinder too! She ate out of an old ice cream bucket since I sucked at all art projects.

One Creative Queen said...

I'm sure I have some stuff too at my parents house but since I (also) don't speak to them they might very well have thrown it all out. Nice to see at least your mother kept all of these mementos from your childhood. You were a Creative Princess at a young age only to become the Creative Queen in adulthood! :-D

One Creative Queen said...

You were talented as a kid - that first ornament is great, better then I could do as an adult.

The last two are funny, I wonder what they are supposed to have been - lol.

One Creative Queen said...

What a creative kid you were. I was especially impressed with the handpainted ornament in the first photo. And the last two are, umm, well, very unique!

One Creative Queen said...

This is absolutely precious stuff and I'm glad you shared this as it tells me what my daughter will think when I give her back stuff she gave me.

Hugs to you dear Queen..

Dorothy from grammology

One Creative Queen said...

Thanks so much for adding my Ornament Swap button to your sidebar and for being tempted enough to enter LOL!!

One Creative Queen said...

That is so cool that you have all of that! I was just rootin' through all my old high school things, I love the flashbacks!

One Creative Queen said...

Hmmm That's a good question. It's a buyers market, I suppose. What do you think?

One Creative Queen said...

My Fellow 5 Year Old, What - are you saying you don't like the peach pit thingy? Don't you know good art when you see it?!

One Creative Queen said...

Paige - I wasn't going to admit to the reversion thing...if she didn't treat me like I'm 5, I wouldn't act like it around her. It's all her fault, ya know. ;)

One Creative Queen said...

Knowing the last 2 made you smile makes them worth their weight in GOLD...too bad they aren't very heavy.

One Creative Queen said...

Oooohhh Ebay...Hmmm! There's a good thought. I don't know that I'd make enough on them to even cover the fees. lol

One Creative Queen said...

That's weird! Cinder was a sweet little doggie...and I miss her lots. She grew up with me - from birth until my dad had her put down when I was 16. :(

I bet you're a lot more creative than you say you are...after all, you're Jen, from Redhead Ranting! ;)

One Creative Queen said...

LOL You're so funny! I'm sorry you don't speak to your parents either - what's up with that? The only way I can even remotely keep my sanity is to stay away from my mother...she could make the Pope nuts! :)

One Creative Queen said...

I have no idea Sue...maybe I should hold a contest? I'll ask everyone what they think they are supposed to be - and the best answer wins them! lol

One Creative Queen said...

Me, too - the flashbacks are the best part! They go along with the road trip you were talking about...ahhh. I miss being a kid! (In some ways...)

One Creative Queen said...

I'm so glad you're going to give it all back to her! There are more awards and things from Brownies that I still want to get back - but since we don't speak, I kind of have to wait until she's prompted to do it.

I'm glad you commented - it's good to see you! xx

One Creative Queen said...

Thank you for the compliment on the handpainted ornament - and I don't know what to say about the last two. lol They were done during my "experimental" phase. Yeah, that's the ticket! :)

Quebec City Tourism said...

Hey that is so artistic.... really very nice!!!!.... i did not know the kids of third grade are so creative. Thanks for spreading your observation. I liked the thread's headline "Revisiting Third Grade".

Thanks for sharing.

Prateek Panchal

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