Here...Hold My Purse

Ok. Show of many people know that putting your lipstick and mascara in the freezer overnight will sterilize it?

Or dipping your lipstick in alcohol for 15 seconds - then wiping it with a tissue* - will sterilize it?

I didn't. But according to Dr Oz on Good Morning America this morning, both of these things work.

Apparently, you can get really sick from the things in your purse.

For example, I had no idea most people used a tissue more than once. (Ew.) Not only that, but a lot of women are guilty of sticking the used Kleenex back in their purse. (Gross.) This little beauty is left to fester in your purse, contaminating everything else you keep in there. (Throw those nasty used tissues away - they're like $0.03 can buy more. I promise.)
And if your purse is anything like mine, you have everything - including the kitchen sink - in there. Seriously. I think I have gum wrappers from 1985 buried in there. Ok, probably closer to 1995. But still.

Dr Oz says it isn't an urban myth that there are traces of cocaine on most American currency. There are also traces of fecal material found in most purses. Even in the purses owned by those of us chronic hand washers. It comes from money. Maybe that would be a good drug deterrent? I know the idea of sniffing up some pooh does not appeal to me. In. The. Least.

Back to germs. Most germs can only survive on money for about an hour. That's gross - but not disgusting enough for me to stop using money. (Or wishing I had some.) However, that goes out the window if someone coughs or sneezes directly on the money. When those same germs are mixed with a bit of mucus, they can live for about 17 days. DAYS, people. That's...well, literally, sick!

I always knew money was dirty - but yuck. And I could have done without the 9-1-1 regarding purse grotiness. Seriously. I just wish this information was gross enough to my kids to keep them out of mine.

*: Please don't use those re-used tissues for this purpose. I beg you.
PS: Did you notice that wallet covered in bacon? It just proves not everything is better with bacon.

9 Royal Responses:

One Creative Queen said...

I didn't know that about the lipstick. I think those 'tester' lipsticks at drugstore make up counters are gross. I bet there are a huge amount of germs on them!

have a great weekend,


ps - how come I always show up as 'guest' on your blog?!

One Creative Queen said...

I knew money was a big germ carrier, my boss is always a fanatic about washing your hands after you've been counting money. The tissue issue, I only use mine once and then toss them, I'm not sticking that in my

One Creative Queen said...

Ewwww...Katherine - fecal matter on money?! Glad i don't carry cash and use my debit card for everything!

One Creative Queen said...

LOL!! Disgusting, isn't it?? Blech!

@Duni: The next time I'm in a drug store and see an empty tester, I'm going to ask if I can have it - and send it to YOU. Of course, I'll carefully remove it with about 6 pairs of gloves!!

@ Ann - Who in the world uses tissues more than once?? I know my grandma used to...and stick them in her sleeve. Double blech!!

@ Lisa - Next time I have money, it's going directly in alcohol. Sadly, I'm serious! And I don't want to know what's on my debit card, thankyouverymuch!

One Creative Queen said...

Even THE GUYS need to know these things!! Thanks.

You're funny!

One Creative Queen said...

with a house of three females, two teens and one NOT, the mascara and lipstick suggestions are gonna save momma a lot of money. My daughter and I both change mascaras every month because of sensitive eye issues. I never watch these shows when I come across them because I know they eventually use that word I hate, "fecal." =-O

One Creative Queen said...

I wish I had known about freezing mascara years ago. I use it about 3 times and toss it., for fear of eye infections, =-O arg !

now I think I'll round up all my lipstick and mascara and put it in a ziploc bag in the deep freezer. that way I can pull it out when I want to use it, and put it back later.

only question is - how come it doesn't grow bacteria when it's frozen and then thawed ? *DONT_KNOW*

we need to ask Dr Oz, cause he left something out.
Thanks Queenie, I can always pick up a tidbit at your blog.
You are the Cats Pajamas, Silk Cashmere PJ's Absolutely.

Anonymous said...

AAArgh! Just because Dr Oz says it, doesn't make it so. Freezing viruses does NOT kill them. Freezing kills SOME bacteria, not all. For those that don't die, keeping them frozen stops them breeding, but they'll start again when they get warm, IF lipstick or mascara (or whatever they're on)is a good source of food for them. They generally like high protein foods.

Asus Eee PC 4G said...

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