Time for a Shortie

You must visit this new-to-me blog, Muskrat (sometimes I say things that are inappropriate), and read his post for today. It is so funny that I laughed hysterically. Loud enough to gain the 'beasts attention - which is close to impossible. I shouldn't say that. The boys perk up pretty easily if they hear/smell food.

You've got to read the post - which can be found here. Properly entitled, "Convevniently Omitted from the "What to Expect" Books: The Daughter Who Sings to Her Vagina". Maybe I found this post so funny because I can relate - both as a child whose mother could not keep clothes on her, and as a mother who has a child who strips the minute she walks in the door from school. (I thought that would end...but she still does it at 9 1/2.)

This post reminded me of something I've had on my computer for a long time. I received it as an email attachment, so some of you may have seen it. Even if you have, it's totally worth another look. I don't normally save email attachments...but some defy "normality". You'll understand when you watch it.

I will warn you, THIS IS AN ADULT VIDEO. You probably shouldn't watch it in front of your boss. Unless said boss is very understanding - and has a great sense of humor. And you definitely shouldn't watch it in front of your five year-old. Unless you're prepared for some very "uncomfortable" questions. Otherwise, watch and enjoy.

Enjoy your day off, America. (And everyone else, as well.)

10 Royal Responses:

One Creative Queen said...

Although I'll be working the ER tonight, you have made my DAY!! That was awesome :-D

One Creative Queen said...

Great vid. And I have a bunch of kazoos that I am not using. Maybe I need to round up some chicks and start a band!

One Creative Queen said...

Bahahahaha - I can just picture that! What I wouldn't give to be a fly ont that wall!

One Creative Queen said...

That was the best that gal is a riot..

Dorothy from grammology

One Creative Queen said...

Thanks for the love....now I'm worried about her at age 9, though.

One Creative Queen said...

I didn't even know that was possible. Hilarious.

One Creative Queen said...

OMG!! Thank you so much for the laugh this morning!! That's absolutely freakin HILARIOUS!! hahaahahah!!

One Creative Queen said...

That was too funny! Thanks for sharing it!

Love and Prayers,


One Creative Queen said...

HA! I love Father Muskrat, and I loved the video. I think it's the little purse that really makes it funny, somehow.

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