And Life Goes...

Hello, my name is Murphy. I specialize in in MURPHY'S LAW. Yep, that pretty much dictates my life. No matter how hard I try to plan things - or how well I think I have things organized - the universe plays a hil-LAIR-ious practical joke on me. Proof? Oh, you want PROOF, do ya? Altho I think the childebeasts should be proof enough, I'll give you a very short summation regarding where I've been. Still confused? Oh boy. You see, most people - in a civilized society - have electricity. All the time. Without interruption. Then there's me.

Apparently I missed the bus to civilized society. Altho I live in a bustling metropolis, my electricity has not been...bustling. Not even sputtering. No choking. Not even a final gasp. Just no electricity.

We've lived with no water during most weekdays for the last few months while the city is redoing the main water lines to the royal complex. When they finally reconnected our water "for real" (like the last time it wasn't real??), the sediment - mud, pebbles, GRASS - blew out our new water meter. The water guy came in and replaced it. Then he had to unscrew the faucets to remove the screens, because the water couldn't pass with all the sediment clogging the faucets. Ok fine. So we have water. On a pretty consistent basis even. I was excited to have life pretty much back to normal...sans the worker guys all over the place still.

I was online, trying to write a post about the winner for the February Woot Loot, when...(excuse me but...) WTF?? What happened to the lights? The computer? The TV? The HEAT?

To make a
very long story short, many trips to the electric company, a lot of frustration, one freezing house, and tons of waiting later, and we once again have power. YAY! Never mind that Ithink service to a castle - even if it's only a castle in my own reality - should be much better. Nope. Much like the 'beasts, no one asked me. BUT...we did muddle through, and I have several posts awaiting. Isn't that exciting? HEY NOW...I can hear the groans. This will be fun, do you hear me??

It's great to be back...I've missed you guys!

2 Royal Responses:

Sinclair said...

Well, if mine is a Palace, yours can be a castle!

Health Tips said...

Nice headline.....really loved it.

Thanks for sharing.

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