A Winner, A Thank You & A Clippie

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Finally glad to be rid of 2008, the Castle's "Crew" wishes you and yours much happiness, good health, loads of prosperity, and fresh creative ispiration in 2009. With the 2009 wishes out of the way, there is a lot going on at the Castle. The Queen hopes you will join her in congratulating (comment 3, chosen by random.org), NELLY, the winner of the surprise Happy Holidays Giveaway. WOOT Nelly! I hope this starts your new year off on a great note and the rest of 2009 is wonderfully positive for you. I sent you an email and if you will please send me your snail mail address, I'll mail out your surprise on Monday (01.05.09). The Queen is looking forward to the 5th of January with great joy...it is the day schools get back in session. Another "WOOT!" for tired moms all over the US. And Nelly, if you wouldn't mind taking a picture of your "Woot Loot" and sending it to me, I'd be grateful. I would love to post the picture here, so everyone can see what you've won. (And so I can remember! lol)

The Queen would like to issue a royal apology to everyone for the giveaway draw being delayed a day - my glasses broke right on the nose piece. Oh no! These are the same pair that have been super-glued countless times, and lose a lens every other day. The Queen without her glasses is much like a painter without paint - so everything came to a screeching halt until a Band Aid could be secured to the nose bridge of the royal glasses. If you think the Queen's childebeasts made fun of her before...Um yeah. They are pointing and laughing now.

(It should be noted the Queen is not so much of a goofball that she's actually left the Castle with these oh-so-lovely face framers on...yet.)
"Woot Loot", the Queen's new term for giveaways held on this blog, was so much fun that I'm feeling the need to have another. I told you all about several giveaways I have planned - and I've decided to start the new one immediately. If you didn't win the surprise, no worries! Details of the next giveaway, Resolution Revolution, will be an ongoing challenge/giveaway. And I already have the prize picked out...the next post will contain full details...so read on! I have the most incredible readers in the entire Internet Kingdom! Thank you for all your suggestions on my "ugly piece" - I have taken each one into serious consideration and settled on putting it aside for a few days before finishing it. I will post the results! Thank you so much for your help - you rock!

I would also like to send a plea out to my fabulous readers...please take the poll located in the sidebar to your right. YOUR answers can directly impact the prizes given away this year - so if you have an opinion, and I know you do, take five seconds and answer the question. January's question directly relates to Woot Loot - so make your voice heard!

With 2009 now upon us - and so many social sites thriving - I would like to offer a (not so) new way for artists to stay connected. My Twitter name is
QueenKatherine (OneCreativeQueen). Since I'm more comfortable with my art supplies than social networking sites (like Facebook, MySpace, or Twitter), I'm not very proficient in these new-to-me applications...yet. That said, I would like to invite you to join me on Twitter. I don't understand the need to post things every 2 minutes, nor is this Queen real sure why anyone would want to know what I'm having for breakfast, but it is a good way for like-minded people to stay in touch. I will post updates and new blog posts to Twitter - and am looking for others to connect with. If you're already a Twitterer, I would love for you to consider following me. If you don't have an account, you can sign up here. Let's stay connected and really get those muses working hard this year!
Speaking of muses and creations...before my glasses took a vacay, I made this quick Clippie. Yep, a giant clothespin. I have no idea what the popular term is - but I think they are really cute. I still have ribbon to add - but for the most part it's complete. Without going into a big ol' description or tutorial, this one is painted in browns, bronze, and gold. I added brown and black flourishes, clocks, birds, arrows, dots, and a few watch parts. A little felt, glitter, and a letter later, we're done!

3 Royal Responses:

Nelly said...

Woohoo! I can't wait to see what it is, Katherine. Just sent you my address. Thanks again for your generosity!

One Creative Queen said...

You are most welcome, Nelly! Congratulations again - I can't wait to find out what it is! xo


Machu Picchu Travel said...

Happy Holidays!!!!!.....


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