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This is my "gearing up to return" post - and it should be really helpful to a lot of us. Whether you sell on eBay, privately, or whatever - you are most likely just as sick of the mounting fees as I am. By the time you get your portion of the money, it's likely a good portion of it was added to the pockets of PayPal - and they didn't have to do a whole lot to earn it! I'm tired of it and while mentioning it to a friend of mine, she suggested the button I'm including at the bottom for you.

The best part of Money Exchange? There are no fees. They are backed by a bank and are in direct competition with PayPal. AND they will send you a card to use - so you can either have the funds transferred to your bank account, or use the card at a growing list of places.

Money Exchange is backed by First Bank and Trust in Brookings, SD and is an FDIC Member. You can get all the information you want just by checking out their site. I like it because it's easy for people to send you money thru their site - without them taking fees they didn't do anything to earn! They don't offer interest on money kept in that account - but if you're like me, money doesn't sit in there long enough to earn enough interest to care about. lol

So check it out to see if it may be right for you - just click on the button below. Give them the same information a new account requires and then sit back and enjoy accepting the payments you rightfully deserve...and no more making another company rich!

Refer A Friend using Revolution Money Exchange

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