Back to Bed with Ya!

I pride myself on keeping this blog (relatively) child friendly. Not that I think kids are reading my blog...but I know I don't want to be reading along, one of the beasts looking over my shoulder, and get THWAPPED! with an adult comment, picture or word. (You know the Queen appreciates adult's the questions about why I'm laughing - or worse, what it means - the Queen doesn't appreciate so much.) That said, I will tone down my initial reaction to avoid offending one of my dear readers.

The background: I'm in the middle of a "cycle", making life hard to begin with. To give you an idea, it's about all I can do to take a shower...and that wipes me out for the rest of the day. I can't stay awake and feel miserable in general.

The scene: I wake up a little before 3am, mountain time. I sleepily make my way to the computer, stepping over toys and backpacks with a keen "mom sense". The flicker of the computer light begins to fill the room. I check my email.


And at this point, it would behoove the WORLD to know I am in my mid-thirties. NO OLDER. I am NOT Oprah. I do NOT think turning 50 will be "THE BEST" year of my life. I am NOT Jennifer Anniston. I am NOT 40 years old. I do NOT look good in a bikini. Never have I proclaimed, "I can't wait to get old enough to qualify for the senior discount!". NEVER. And I defy anyone to prove me wrong. The childebeasts are aging me quite fast enough, thankyouverymuch.
The Offending Article IN My Inbox:
If you can't read it due to size, you so have to click on it or you'll miss the full effect.

My Reaction:

From this...
To this...And it's amazing how quickly I got to this.

Considering I got this from a site who has loads of information on me - INCLUDING MY AGE - it didn't start my day off well.

Is this age-related group - which coincidentally only accepts members who are AT LEAST 50 YEARS OLD - in cahoots with the 'beasts??

Thanks, AARP.

2 Royal Responses:

twinklescrapbooks said...

LOL your post is too funny! I probably would have gone back to bed!
tina :)

Br905 said...

You are old, face it

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