Big List of Giveaways

I know a lot of you like giveaways as much as I do...and there is a very cool giveaway site I want to tell you about. It's called
Big List of Giveaways, and it has loads of bloggy giveaways listed on it!

Janice Smith is the founder of this great site, and in her latest newsletter talks about the staggering success she has encountered. Listen (ok, read) this:

The Big List of Giveaways has now been live for 4 short weeks and already it has 180 Giveaway Sites listing their giveaways, over 380 giveaways listed, 130 email subscribers, 57 RSS subscribers and 325 Twitter followers! Analytics indicates that the site has had 14,856 page views, an average of 5 page views/visit and a very low 6% bounce rate. The site has DOUBLED over the past week and I could not have done it without you!

There must be tons of people clammoring for one great site listing all the fabulous bloggy giveaways! This is good news - and I've added Woot Loot to her list. I'm hoping that will help bring more people to register for each month's Loot, so I can make the prizes bigger and better. (I'm sure no one wants that, eh?!)

When you have a minute (like as soon as you've finished reading my incredibly awesome blog), head over to Big List of Giveaways and take a look around. I'm sure you'll find about a gazillion things you want...and all you have to do is enter! I know of some really good giveaway sites - but none of them compare to this one. Everything under the sun is listed - and honestly, when I went through the list of giver-awayers, I couldn't think of one blog not on this list. It's so posh, dahlink. So what are you waiting for?? Check it out now - you can thank me by forwarding on one of the katrillion things you are bound to win! xx

2 Royal Responses:

Leslie said...

Thanks for sharing this site!! I have become addicted, if you will, to giveaways and have accumulated tons of giveaway sites on my blogroll ( I hadn't heard of this one though.


coach purses outlet said...

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