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You've seen her button on my sidebar for almost a year. I've even blogged about her incredible designs before. And's your chance to win a fab blog makeover by her!

Who is "her"? Diana, of Diana Rambles and Custom Blog Design fame, of course. I've been trying to get my junk together for a looong time, because she is the person I'm dying to have makeover my oh-so-blah blog. These digs are very unbecoming of royalty, don't 'cha think? Unfortunately, I'm not nearly as brilliant as Diana I'm stuck with what I've pasted together for now. Her prices are exceptionally reasonable, her work is top notch, she's done a lot of popular blogs, and she holds terrific contests. She's something else - and anyone who has her design their blog is very lucky.

Not only is Diana a fantastic designer, her services are broken down into very affordable pieces. You can do the grand package - which includes everything you need, plus stuff you didn't even think of! - or you can just order one service. A great concept and smart way to do things.

I hate that I'm late getting this in...but the contest ends today, so don't mess'd better beat feet over there for your chance to win. If you've missed the contest, check out her blog anyway. You may be inspired by her designs to get a new blog makeover, button, signature, or something else, from her!

3 Royal Responses:

One Creative Queen said...

Thanks for posting about this!

One Creative Queen said...

Oh, Diana is FABULOUS! She did my blog in no time flat. She is just so creative and easy to work with. It's just not worth messing with the html and all that --she is very affordable and FAST!!! Go Diana!!

Forte Village Resort said...

I always love the design and layout of your blog.

Hats off, Great Job.

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