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If you thought you saw me flitting around since my son posted that I was in the hospital, you were right! Even though I haven't had the energy to update my blog, I have been trying to read your incredible blogs as I've had the chance. I deeply apologize for not posting an update sooner, I truly have just not had the energy. As you know, I was in the hospital. I'm not really up to posting the details, but it was due to an increase in my back/leg pain, which affected my Cushing's Disease, and brought on a major episode of depression. After my visit to the hospital, I became really popular with all my doctors - so visits with my specialists ensued. I admit to bringing a lot of this on myself; however, thanks to medication screw ups by Walgreen's, I was left without my pain meds...and unrelenting, excruciating pain will eventually make even the sanest person make stupid decisions. And we all know I wasn't the "sanest" person to begin with!

Anyway...with my medication back on track, and consultations with every doctor known to man complete, I am back. Before I move on though, I want to thank you guys for the warm wishes you sent. They were a bright light when I really needed it - and I realized just how blessed this Queen is. You hold a special place in my heart...and even though I can't repay your kindness, know that each of you is special to me - and I appreciate you.
I'm back now...and have things to share. I'm currently working on an art quilt - but the project is way out of control. Why does that happen to me? Even though I start projects like this with a sketch - but before I know it, the project is way bigger than originally planned...and I'm in over my head. Just see this other art quilt I was going to make for proof... Since this one will be a gift, I'm struggling forward with it. Not the easiest thing to do - especially when I don't have any sewing experience. At all. Everything I sew is done with a wing and prayer. The childebeasts have killed my computer. In my absence, they have taken to downloading things - things I don't understand. This is a problem when you're already dealing with a system you don't understand (like Linux). I had just gotten it where I could deal with it...and now it's all goofy. Which means it isn't recognizing my camera. I have photos to show you...but they are currently stuck on my little Canon. Rather than leaving you with nothing, I will show you a few things I got on the computer before the 'beasts caused it to croak. It feels good to be back. Enjoy!

I hope I didn't already post these - these are the torsos I did for a swap. It was so fun!

I did a total of 6 torsos for the swap. Did I mention how fun this was?

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One Creative Queen said...

Katherine! I'm so glad you're finally back! I'm so sorry you've been having health issues (speaking of one who knows..) . Thank you for letting us know what's been going on, and sharing your amazing art with us. Those torsos are really special :-D
Take care,


One Creative Queen said...

My goodness Katherine, I hope you are feeling much better. I'm glad that you got your veneer. After seeing your wonderful artwork it's going to be a real treat to see what you create.

I'll be stopping in again. I love your sense of humor. Oh, I almost forgot....Love the torsos.


One Creative Queen said...

Love those torsos. Really like your blog too! Suzie :0

One Creative Queen said...

I'm so glad you're back. I'm sorry you've been in such crappy health. We'll have to catch up soon.

One Creative Queen said...

Hey, Katherine! I'm glad you are back! I kept checking to see if you are okay. Glad to see you up and posting again. :)

One Creative Queen said...

the torsos are really cool. so glad to hear you are feeling better

One Creative Queen said...

Katherine: So good to see you back. I kept checking in daily to see if there was any word - I was so worried about you! Hope your health continues to improve. The torsos are beautiful. You are so creative!

One Creative Queen said...

welcome back, I missed you and wondered how you were doing!

roman baths said...

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