Copper Tape, Pickle, Solder...Solutions?

I have a question for all of you amazingly talented artists - especially those who have worked with solder.

I made a small pendant with 2 microscope slides, some little flowers I dried and ribbon I stamped. I covered the sides with copper tape. I thought I'd done a good job...until I went to solder.

Using Simply Swank solder, Blu-Glass flux and my soldering iron, I made nothing but a gigantic mess! The solder kept balling up, wouldn't lay correctly, kept sticking to my soldering iron (instead of the copper tape) was just a mess.

I've had the copper tape and the solder for a couple of years - and while I was using my bone folder to really stick it to the glass, parts of it wouldn't stick - and I noticed some fingerprints/gunk on it. Can copper tape go bad? Can flux?

I know that the metal needs to be really clean during soldering - but it seemed silly to pickle it. Should I have pickled the whole thing before soldering? Can you do that?

I don't know exactly what the issue was...but I know my soldering iron "broke". This was the first time I'd tried using this 40w iron - and no, I didn't use a regulator - but I tinned it and all that - but by the time I had gotten this far, the very tip of the iron "melted off", and I had to use the side of the iron barrel to get it to work. I've thrown out the iron and am going back to my Weller. I didn't use the Weller because I only have a stained glass tip for it - I haven't gotten any little pencil point tips for it.

Another is using a torch for solder? I think that would totally melt the solder and you'd wind up with a different sort of mess...but I know people do it. What am I missing? Can I just use my butane torch that I have for PMC?

So many little information. Reading on the Net just gets me more confused.

On the up side? I used more of my dried flowers and some sea glass (and a copper ink pad) to make a darling pin. The light coming through the aqua sea glass really sets it off - but it was had to get a good picture.

Did you do anything creative this weekend? Why isn't anyone entering my contest? Why is my blog still a mess?

What's wrong with me?

8 Royal Responses:

Pricilla said...

I am very sorry but I can't help with your solder or your blog problems.

I suppose that makes useless except to say Happy Monday.

Ann said...

I'm with Pricilla, I don't know a thing about soldering either. Or the the blog but contest? I must have missed something I better go back and read.
Have a good day

RE Ausetkmt said...

oooooo your blog looks nice. good job.
have you used the soldering tutorial on instructables ? It's the best !

I love instructables, don't you ?

one thing - your comments are not working properly. you may want to look at those settings so us url signers can comment.
this comment is from EntrePOD but I had to sign in as A BadGalSays.

KAT said...

I don't know anything about soldering either? Sorry.

But your blog is looking good?? I miss the frazzled looking queen that I am so used to though? Is she coming back?? LOL

BTW, An award is waiting for you over at Candles, Crafts and Whatnot. Congrats!

:) Kat

Anonymous said...

Wow...Katherine! The blog looks great! Like it better than the other one. sorry I can't help you out with the soldering question. I got supplies to solder last Christmas and still haven't had time to play with them. I am beginning is it more out of fear of messing things up or doing things wrong more than not finding the time!

Beth said...

I just came upon your blog and read about your soldering problem. The same thing happened to me the first time I solder pendants, or should I say "tried" to solder pendants. I bought some new copper tape at Hobby Lobby and I fluxed the crap out of it,lol. And it worked. Also, just touch the tip of your iron to the solder and then paint it on your tape. This is what works for me. Keep wiping your iron on a damp sponge and don't let the solder build up on and turn dark. It will eventually any ways but you can get a good 15 pendants out of one tip. I have used expensive irons and the cheap Home Depot and Lowes irons. I stick with the cheap ones as I have killed to many expensive ones. Feel free to e-mail me if you have any more questions. I am not a pro but I do have a little experience with it, lol.

One Creative Queen said...

Ohhh...I LOVE you guys!! I will look at the comments (or, rather, bug you about it Re - haha), I appreciate the sweet comments on the new look (still have to work on it, but hey - the castle wasn't built in a day!), and can't say thank you enough for the solder help. Thank you all for dropping by...did I mention I love you??

Mexico tourist attractions said...

Very nice blog.....

Good job....hats off!!! :D

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